Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wow, What a Weekend..Sophies B-Day..Liz's farewell...and Fun!!

OK, This might be long, but there is just so much to share!! Thursday night as we were packing and getting ready for our Big Weekend I took these fun pictures. Just looking at them makes me laugh. Oh, I love my family. Life is always full of laughter and fun memories. I might add that we don't have very many dull moments in our home. Life is wonderful. I feel so blessed in my life, even though life is crazy and busy it is oh soooo good!!! OK so we tried to get all packed up Thursday and Friday, get Sophie's Birthday stuff all ready, get the house clean(which didn't really happen but that's OK.)

Friday: Anyway we picked Brayden up after school on Friday...Vegas here we come. It felt good to go to Vegas, this has been the longest time in our marriage between trips to Vegas. The last time we went there was in August when Ammon and Kirsten were here. I guess between being pregnant and incredibly busy we just haven't been able to go. It's been nice that my family has come up to visit us here regularly though!! I could tell it had been a while since we've made that drive, especially when the kiddos, especially Adelyn, would ask if we were there yet, or how much longer...this happened about ever 8 was cute, but got old after the 1st 50 times she asked. Ammon and Kirsten, I don't know how you guys do it!!!!

Oh it felt sooo good to finally get there. The kids were soo excited. When we got there, we ate, and then we all went to the famous "Dumpster". For those of you that haven't experienced this incredible "Vegas Wonder" the dumpster is actually located in a parking lot by the Las Vegas airport. You park and sit on the hill and the planes that are landing fly directly over your head right before they hit the runway. It's incredible!!! If your ever in Vegas you've got to check it out!! We hadn't been in quite a while, the kids didn't even remember it... We had a blast!! The kids wanted to stay there for along time. When we finally went home the kids started playing "The Dumpster". Adelyn and Sophie were sitting down on the air mattress while Brayden had a toy airplane and kept flying over them. It was the cutest thing ever.

Saturday: Saturday was Sophie's 3rd Birthday. She was thrilled to be able to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house for her Birthday. The kids played all morning and watched me make her b-day cake, Dad and LeGrand played some mean games of tennis. When they got home, LeGrand took off his shoes and one of them was filled with blood. I guess his shoe was rubbing his heel funny and he just kept playing and playing he didn't want to stop....that's my husband for you!!! After spending hours on her cake it was finally done and she LOVED it!! I was so glad because after spending that much time doing it, it wondered if she even cared, it was tempting to just frost it and put sprinkles and call it good. She couldn't get enough of it. She actually sat on the counter for 45 minutes just staring at it. She even became quite possesive over it. Once it was getting close to the edge of the counter and so I moved it cause I didn't want it to fall off and she said to me in a very sweet and serious tone, "Mommy, don't touch it!!". I'm glad she loved it!!! She had so much fun opening her presents...if you can't tell she LOVES Cinderella!! She is definatly our little Princess, well one of our little princesses. Sophie I can't believe you are already 3!!! You are such a blessing to our family.

After we opened presents we all went to the park for a picnic!! It was gorgeous weather. We were all in shorts, and sandals. It felt so good to run around bare foot through the warm sand. Oh it was incredible!! Spring just lifts my spirits!!! Great Grandma and Grandpa Ras, Uncle Lind & Aunt Meridee, Megan & Dan, Joel & Beth and Cam all got there on Saturday afternoon. We had fun at the park with everyone!!! It seems like it's been forever since we've played at the park.

Liz did a concert for all of us and it was incredible!!! Oh she is so talented and I'm grateful that she shares her talents with us!! I wish I got some pictures of it!! Liz sang her Birthday song to Sophie and Sophie loved it!! Afterwards she ran up and gave Liz a huge hug. It was sooooo cute!!

After our concert Sophie blew out her candles and all the kids dove into the cake. It was fun.

Paul, Whitney and Cam then watched the kids so that the adults could go to the Gold and Green Ball. Adelyn was soooo excited for Mom and Dad to actually go to a BALL!!! It was sweet. It was fun to get all dressed up and go out. We had so much fun! I wish we got a big group picture, and more pictures for that matter. I didn't bring my camera which I'm pretty bumbed about now!!! But thanks to Megan here are some pictures of when we were at the Ball!!! Thanks a ton Megs!! I love you!!! Anyway, LeGrand & I, Liz & Chris, Megan & Dan, Joel & Beth, Mom & Dad and Meridee & Lind went to the ball. We had fun with Bro & Sis Noorda(Chris's Parents) there too! It was fun, you should have seen Megs, Dan, Joel and Beth going crazy!! They were the life of the party(like always;)) It was so fun dancing with LeGrand. He's incredible, I'm sooo in love with him!!!

Sunday :Sunday was Liz's Mission farewell. Stewart flew in from Reno and it was sooo fun to see him!!

Seth, Brandi and Nicci were there too. It was so fun to be together with so many of our family members. We missed you Ammon and Kirsten and Emily and your cute kids!!! We all went to Liz's student ward. Dad spoke, it's always incredible to hear my dad speak or teach!! Then Liz sang..that's always incredible too!! After that she spoke. She has such a sweet and strong testimony. She has grown into a woman who will do many great things in her life!! Liz is going to make an amazing missionary!! She is such a good person and I'm grateful that our kids have such a good example to look up to!!! After her Sacrament meeting we all went back home and had feast then we all had to hit the road . We had an incredible weekend!! Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with ALL of us!! Fun times!!!


Kirsten said...

Wow! Talk about lots of emotions all at once. Ok, where do I start? First, I checked to see if you had posted and you did! BUT I am suppossed to be at Mommy and Me in 20 minutes and look at what I am doing! Your blog was just so fun to read!! :) Ok really, first of all I have to tell you, you look amazing. I love how you are beaming in all the pictures. You look amazingly happy and YOUNG and such a cute Mom! (Well Mom and Dad look incredible happy and young and so cute in the pictures to for that matter!) I know where you get if from! :) Second, the cake looks fabulous. I know I told you last night, but I'll say it again! You are getting professional at decorating and it's no wonder so was so possesive over it. I would be too!! Also, I loved all the pictures. It is with mixed emotions (sadness and homesickness) that I look at all those beautiful pictures and see so many people we know and love all in one place. Thanks for capturing that for Emily and for us. Ok, what else. You look beautiful for the ball! I don't know what you were saying but I am sure your daugthers were so amazed that their parents got to go to a ball. I love your little family-I love OUR family for that matter and I can't wait to be with everyone again. Utah, here we come!! :) I am glad you had such a fun time and I can't wait to visit the dumpster again!! Luv ya lots and lots!

Kirsten said...

when i said "SO" I was typing Sophie! Oops! And with mixed emotions I also meant to say (with the sadness and homesickness) mostly happiness and love at looking at all the pictures....gosh, can you tell I was in a hurry!?

Beth said...

It was a fun weekend, for sure, Becca. I was telling Joel on the way home yesterday that he is part of such an amazing family: everybody is so loving and good and friends with each other. I hope you know how singular that is.
I also wanted to say that your mother is an angel. It took me a while after joining the family to realize that how sweet your mom is really how sweet she is. I guess I didn't know that there were people that genuinely concerned for others. Anyway, I especially appreciated how taken care of I felt by her. I cried (yeah, I'm pregnant) after she tucked me into Whitney's bed so I could get a nap. It felt really good to be taken care of like that when I was feeling so worn out. You are really lucky. And I am, too, because I get to be a part of your great family.

Lance and Celeste said...

Why didn't you stop at my place, I'm on the way, just in Mesquite, J/K I would like to know how to get to the dumpster, My kids would absolutly love that, email me

Emily Rasmussen said...

How fun! Becca you really are a ray of sunshine!!! You really seem to lighten up the room and pictures with your happiness. It makes me homesick for you guys to see all those great family shots. But I was so happy to see my Stew there too. He loved it. He was just beaming when he got home. And I have to agree with Beth. They are such a cool loving family. I mean all of you! I feel so grateful to be a Rasmussen. I love you guys and thanks for missing me like I miss you! Take tons of pics when Ammon comes to town we'll be excited to them. You'll have to live vicariously for me then too! :O) Love ya!

The Gage Cage said...

What a great weekend. I loved the cake!!!! I have always wanted to learn more about cake decorating. If there was some way to practice and not gain weight I'd be all over developing that skill. Some day I'll have enough discipline to practice with out pigging out on the frosting. My real problem is that I make super yummy frosting. Kind of a silly burden. :) I also loved you pink t-shirt. You wear very happy colors. I enjoy that!

You parents, bro.s, and sisters look so good. I'm glad everybody is doing so well.

Ruby said...

You actually did the cinderella?! Wow!

Janelle Ehat said...

Becca, I LOVE reading your blog! It's so fun to see you guys and all the fun stuff you guys are doing! You are a master cake decorator! Props on that! I need to be better at blogging on our family site! I just post pictures and scrapbook pages and an occasional blog entry. It means so much more to read about it all and how it made you feel and what you learned and all of that. I love your idea of printing out your blog and using it as a family record! Brilliant! Glad you guys are doing well! We really should get together sometime! We're not that far away!

kelly said...

What a fun post! I wish I was part of your side of the family too. The cake was beautiful! How did you draw her? Amazing. A ball? Who held a ball? How fun, I've always wanted to get dressed up with Tyler. I remember the dumpster! We'll have to meet in Vegas sometime so my kids can go. Oh yeah, Peyton had a cough when she was 2 weeks, so I took her in because I was paranoid about rsv and all my kids were sick when we brought her home from the hospital. He gave her an inhaler and sent us home. A month later Tyler insisted that I take her back, so I did and it was a good thing. He put her on the nebulizer and she seems fine now, but we still have to do it for a few months. I don't know what it is though, to answer your quesion. Allergies, asthma, don't know, I never asked! Next time.

Megan said...

Yay! So fun. We better get together again soon or I'll be going through some pretty serious withdrawals! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! Love the blog!!