Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Shower

3 of my amazing friends; Kathryn Stitt, Emily Olsen and Lona Marie Cook threw me a baby shower!  It was soooo nice since we had gotten rid of all of our baby things. It had also been almost 7 1/2 years since we have had a baby girl.  Addy and Sophie were so excited to go with me and they opened all the presents.  It was so fun to be surrounded by so many good friends and family!!  Thank you to everyone who came!  Thank you for throwing it for us!  We got some seriously cute stuff!!  I'm excited to be able to put these cute girly things on our little Brielle!  

Gotta love that huge tummy!!  That's probably the most unflattering picture ever.... 
It's so fun that Liz lives close!  I love her! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's a Girl!!!

The first Ultrasound we did was just to check the dates.  Here is our little jumping bean.  I'm due on Aug 2nd!!!  

On March 13th we were able to to in for our Gender Ultrasound.  We have had 2 babies where we found out the gender, and 2 where it was a surprise.  This time we totally wanted to find out.  Since we didn't have any baby things we figured we'd need to know so we could prepare!!  Just by chance each time we've found out so far we've had a boy...our surprises have been girls....but this one broke the mold.  We are going to have a Girl!!!  We are all so excited.  The kids came with us to the ultrasound and were all excited to have a baby sister!  
Love this profile shot!!  She's so cute already! 
 This was one of my all time favorite ultrasound pictures...  check out her leg!! 

Another Profile shot of our little Lady!! 
We are excited to have another girly girl in our family!!!!!!

Prego with Brielle

May 13th- Mother's Day 
27 Weeks 

June 14th - 33 weeks 

July 8th 
36 weeks -5 days before Brielle was born.

This is how Kolby would always give Brielle hugs...He did this multiple time a day.  It was sooooo cute... after the hug, he's always kiss my tummy!!  I love this kid!! 

Can you tell we are all excited to have Brielle in our family!! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Introducing the newest Little Laing!!!!

Brielle Whitney joined our family a week ago!  She was born on July 13th weighing 7lbs 15oz, she was 20 inches long.  She was our biggest baby and was 3 weeks early.  I'm grateful that she was born early and especially that she is healthy!!  She's our little angel who we are so glad she's joined our family.  
Here's our first family picture of 7!!!  Wow, we have a BIG, Beautiful family!!!

The kiddos were so excited to meet our new little lady!!! They adore their baby sister!! 
More updates to come!!  Brielle, we love you so much!!  Welcome to our family!!!