Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun Family Nights

We love having Family Home Evening! Here are some of the fun ones we've done lately!

Playing at our park

The Skate Park

Talking about Faith- "Faith Fall"
I love Family Nights! It's one night a week were we spend time together as a family. We have a spiritual lesson, play games, eat treats and just make lots of memories together! I'm grateful for the council we have received to hold Family Home Evenings! It's a great blessing in our lives.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How long can you hold it?

Our sweet little Sophie is such an amazing girl. She is such a sweet heart and I just love her to death. For those of you that know our little angel also know that she is very strong willed....for instance when she decides to do something it's pretty much a done deal. When she decided she wanted to go potty in the toilet, she was potty trained. If she doesn't want to eat what I've made for dinner, it can be a long night. When she takes a bite and doesn't like it she hides it away in her cheek and won't swallow it. (Three hours after dinner I've found food in those chipmunk cheeks of hers...) Well back to my origional reason for this post.....Since Sophie has been potty trained she hasn't had hardly any accidents, actually the only time she has had an accident was when she was sick. The only problem we have to deal with with potty training is that Sophie is very particular about what toilets she will go in...she will just hold it rather than go in basically any bathroom other than our "Kids Bathroom". When we went to California after Christmas she did go at Nana & Papa's house and Grandma & Grandpa's house. Well, this weekend we went to my Grandma Larsen's house, my cousin Peter just got home from his mission and my parents and little sister Whitney came up for the weekend. We decided to spend the night at Grandma's house with everyone....the only problem was that Sophie wouldn't go potty at Grandma Larsen's house. She played all night, slept all night, woke up dry,then cried for 30 minutes while I had her sit on the toilet to "let it out". Finally, we were going to be late for Peter's Welcome Home and so I got Sophie off and did something I've never done. I put a diaper on her and told her to go in it. I was worried that she would get sick or something. Do you think she liked this? No. Do you think she would go in a diaper? No. Well she held it all day until we got home to our house that night. That's right, our little 3 year old held it for 26 hours.........I can't even do that. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 23, 2009


If you haven't seen this movie have to see it!! It's a christian movie that has a powerful message!!! Expect the acting not to be the best, but the meat of the movie makes up for it!! If you have seen it I want to know what you thought of it!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kolby at 1 Year!

Ok, I know I'm a little slow with Kolby's 1 year pictures...actually I was a little slow getting them taken...With Christmas, his broken wrist, and a yucky cold/flu, I decided a few weeks late is better than never. It was worth the wait! I know I already did a post about Kolby when he turned 1...but now he's almost 14 months now and his little personality is really coming out... He loves walking/running/climbing every where. He's a big kid. He loves feeding himself and loves playing ball, peek a boo, playing with cars and he loves his bottle. He loves making messes, but if I sing the clean up song he's starting to be really good at picking up whatever he just threw all over the floor. He makes the cutest sounds and trys to talk all the time. He does a little bit of sign language (I haven't been as good with him with teaching him to sign but I'm trying) Last night he signed "More", "Thank You" and "Ball". It was soooo cute!! He loves saying DADDA and waving and pointing to LeGrand as he's sitting up on the stand at Church. It just melts our hearts!! He's such a joy to have in our family!! We love you Kolbster!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

We had the privilege of going to the Draper Temple Open House!!! We were so excited to be able to take our kids through the Temple! We went with the Carters and the Baldwins and it was fun to be all together. We parked at a church building and rode a bus up to the Temple grounds...Who said you couldn't fit 6 people in 2 seats?!?
The Temple was BEAUTIFUL! It was so special to be able to walk with our kids and see them feel the spirit in the Temple!!! Brayden, Adelyn and Sophie loved it!!! It was incredible to be stand all together and look at the facing mirrors in the Sealing Room as a family. It made me excited for the time when we will be able to all be in a dedicated Temple together! Words can't even describe the feelings that I felt as a mother seeing all my children in the Temple. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I have that FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!! That's what I want more than anything!!! I love attending the Temple with LeGrand, but taking the kids with us was so special!! I hope they will always remember this and the feelings that we felt in the House of the Lord!
Of Course after the Temple, we had to make a day of it....We all enjoyed Lunch at Apple bee's!! Yum!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hurray!!

Our adventure of the month is almost over....I hope we don't have to do this again...ever...but that's ok. We survived! If you missed our previous posts, our crawl space flooded at the end of January and we just got it all put back together...It's been a long messy month. Here are some pictures of our adventures! This is when LeGrand and the kiddos had to rip out some of the drywall...sad...
Brayden was bummed about the whole thing, but he was an awesome helper! What a big guy!!
Oh I love these boys!! Soooo Handsome!!
I love the expressions on their faces... They were acting it out, but I think that's about how they really felt...
I just had to show a lovely picture of the mess we've been living with this past month...ok it wasn't this bad...we did organize everything...but man, it feels good to have most everything put back together again finally!!!
I just had to throw this cute one in of Kolby and Sophie!! Aren't they precious!?!?
Cute action shot...if you can tell, Kolby loves to be in on all the action, and he LOVES his daddy.
I have to say how proud I am of LeGrand...he fixed the crawl space all by himself, well the kids and I helped a lot, but I was impressed with all he knows how to do now!! I guess after you build a play room (with help from friends), just fixing it isn't that hard. It was fun to see him plan it out and do it all on his own. Last year before they did the playroom he wouldn't have been able to fix the sheet rock, the step and lay carpet all by himself! It was fun to see how "Handy" my hubby is becoming!!
Yeah, this is a pretty typical picture of our little Kolby!!! No pants on, big smile, climbing on everything! I swear I get him dressed every day, actually like 5 times a day...
Here is a fun picture of our little helpers/cheerleaders. Wow, Harry Potter even joined them.
Drum roll please........ok, the storage is decluttered, and organized......
The Food Storage is getting there...
The Sheet rock, the carpet and the painting is all done!!
And now we have the TOYS back down here!!! Hip, Hip HURRAY!!!!!!
Here's to our new and improved, more water proof playroom!!! Now let's all pray that the new sump pump and the rain gutters will keep all the water out!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brayden's 2nd Grade Opera-Artic Animals

Brayden's 2nd grade class just put on a Opera. These kids wrote the Opera. They made all the costumes and the set. The Opera was called "Artic Animals". Brayden was so excited and talked about it for months!! He decided he wanted to be an Artic Wolf. Here he is peaking out of his ice cave. Brayden you did such a good job, we are so proud of you!!! It was fun to see Brayden and all his friends get so excited about something they created! Mrs. Anderson does a great job with them. Way to go our little Artic Wolf!!!