Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, That's my sister!!!

Isn't she Beautiful?!?!!! This is my sister Liz. She was just had an article written about her. It appeared in the UNLV Newspaper the Rebel Yell, the Italian Newspaper in Las Vegas and the Mormon Times located in the LDS Church News. Click on this Link for the whole article... She is referred to as "A Faithful Leader".... What a compliment... I love this girl...I'm lucky to be her sister.

St. Patricks Day Adventures....

This year the kids woke up on St. Patricks Day and found that an actual Leprechaun had visited our house.... They thought it was sooo fun....they kept looking at the footprints while they were eating their GREEN Waffles and GREEN Eggs...It was a fun morning...

Adelyn made a Leprechaun trap for her 1st grade's too bad she didn't catch our Leprechaun....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kolby's 2 year Photo Shoot

Here are Kolby's 2 year pictures.... He's seriously such a handsome kiddo. Mischievous, completely love able and sooo funny. We love you Mr. Kolby!!! It's hard to believe you are 2!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who knew that God would answer my Prayers like that?

Ever since we put Kolby's crib away, bed time has been a PAIN!! Without his crib to contain him he's everywhere except where he should his bed. I would seriously have a headache every night and was getting tired of this battle. LeGrand and I decided that we needed to pray about what would be the best thing to do... After we prayed we had the feeling that we needed to LOCK Kolby in his room. I was surprised! What Lock my baby in his room??!?!?! The next night I talked with Kolby about being a big boy and that big boys need to fall asleep in their beds and stay in their beds all night long. After we were all ready for bed I went and put him in reminding him to say in his bed. I told him that if he got out I would lock the door. Well within about .05 seconds he was out of his bed and in our room. (This kid is FAST). I picked him up, put him back in his big boy bed and walked out and locked the door behind me. He screamed, cried and called for Momma and then Dadda. He was crying saying that we locked the door. After about 10 minutes I walked back in his room and picked him up in my arms. He kept saying... "Mommy, you locked the door.." over and over again. I layed him down in his bed and told him I wouldn't lock it again if he just stayed in his bed. He said OK. I thought, "Here we go again". Well he actually stayed in his bed, and has gone to bed and stayed there for 5 nights now. I just remind him that if he gets out, I'll lock the door. I was really surprised when we got that prompting, but it worked like a charm... I'm so grateful that some prayers get answered really fast..... if not, I might have already pulled all my hair out. Finally we have peaceful Bedtimes again!!!!

Valentines Day

Since Valentines Day was on a Sunday this year, we celebrated it on Saturday with LeGrand taking me out to eat. We went to a really yummy restaurant with some really good friends. It was a fun night. I'm so grateful that I'm married to LeGrand!!!
Cari, Candace and Me.
Cari and Armando
Candace and Brandon
I'm glad we celebrated on Saturday, because with LeGrand being the Bishop, he was gone literally all day...It's OK, It was expected, but I'm still glad we had some time together. Sunday the kids and I had a lot of fun doing Valentines day stuff. Thanks to Kirsten for the idea, Addy and Sophie had hearts in their hair for church. They LOVED it.
The kids spent all day decorating our house...I know I'm slow and we actually did most of the decorations on Valentine Day...but they had fun so I guess that's what counts...They spent hour cutting up hearts on cute paper and putting them all over the house, on the windows, walls, doors. They did a cute job and our home looked very loved after they were done!
We also had Spaghetti by Candlelight....the kids were excited to surprise Dad with this Valentines Day treat. They were so cute about it all. Valentines Day is always fun!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can she already be 5?!?!?

It's hard to believe that our Sophie is already 5 years old!!!! We had fun celebrating her Birthday yesterday!! I was prepared to make her a big breakfast, but those of you that know her wouldn't be surprised when she just wanted cereal.. It wasn't just any kind of cereal, it was Fruity Pebbles...a cereal I never buy. She couldn't have been happier. Easy enough.

Sophie didn't have preschool and I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday. She said she just wanted to stay home. Everyday we are either helping at Grandma and Grandpa Rasmusssen's house, going to preschool or running errands. I thought it was sweet that she just wanted to stay home for a change. What a sweetheart. The only problem about staying home was that she had all day to just sit and stare at her presents that she was waiting to open till everyone got home from work and school... The anticipation nearly killed her. ;)

I asked Sophie if she wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch and get a Happy Meal and play on the playground...she said no, that she just wanted to stay home and have Macaroni and Cheese. Easy Enough.

Sophie was really excited about her birthday cake this year....She wanted a CASTLE CAKE!! It was really easy and she LOVED it.

Sophie wanted to put the M&M's and the Candles on....She did a really good job. Sophie with the finished product before Kolby got to it and pushed in some M&M's and messed up the writing....I know he just really wanted to help too... grrrrr....

Sophie is so cute when it finally came to opening her presents. She got a Pediatrician Barbie, More Princesses and Princes and Fairies for her castle, finger paints, Scattapiller Scramble.. She was seriously in heaven!!!

Keeping up with the tradition, Grandma and Grandpa sent their newest 5 year old granddaughter a purse full of money. This tradition started when Whitney turned 5 and Grandma Ras sent her a "Purse full of money" She was so excited!!! Now when my parents have a granddaughter turn 5 this is what they get. Sophie was so excited. In the purse Sophie found a wallet with a bunch of pockets and money was in every nook and cranny. It was cute to watch all of the kids faces as Sophie kept finding more and more money!! Thanks Mom and Dad!! It was soooo cute!!!

After she opened some presents we went Bowling for Sophie's Birthday. Holly and Candace came and we had a blast bowling, eating pizza (the kids) and Costa Vida (the adults) It was fun.

I say the kids ate Pizza, but Adelyn actually ate about as much of my salad as I did. :) What a cute girl and a good eater!! Thank goodness we have at least one really good eater in the family!!! She loves anything grown up and healthy. She makes me laugh...

After bowling we had the Carters, the Olsens, the Stitts and the Cooks over for cake and Ice Cream. It was last minute,but Sophie was really excited that so many friends were able to come and share in her special day. I was glad too since everyone helped us eat a ton of the cake and ice cream. I really don't need tons of that left over in our house!!!!

Happy Birthday Sophie!!! We love you so much and are grateful that you are in our family!!