Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun Weekend with Bryan, Helga and Makyla

We Love it when Bryan, Helga and MaKyla come and visit!! We tried to pack all the fun we could in a few days... Here's our adventures!!
Trafalga- Miniature Golfing

The Airplanes
Bumper Boats

Us girls decided to stay dry and take pictures.....While we were staying dry..this is what the boys were doing!!


Pony Rides
Hiking Timp Caves
If you haven't been to the caves it's something that you seriously need to do!! It was amazing!!!!
You can't see Adelyn in most of the hiking pictures because she was in front the entire time! What a little hiker!! Brayden, Addy and Sophie made the whole hike all by themselves!!!
I love this picture of the brothers!! They are such good guys, husbands and daddy's!!!
Brayden LOVED the caves!!!
What a fun family picture! I love this. The hike was beautiful, the company was awesome, the memories were unforgettable and it was so fun to be together!
Bryan, Helga and MaKyla are such a beautiful family too!! We are excited to find out what MaKyla's baby is going to be around Christmas time!! How fun!
Brayden and Sophie on the way down entertained all of us and all the hikers we passed with their...hup two three fours.......They were marching like soldiers including the chants, the Halts, the At Ease...it was pretty funny... Sophie was very obedient to her Captain Brayden!
Pumpkin Patch/Hay Ride
We had fun ending the day with Helga's family! We feel like they are family too!! Thanks Derrelene and Natalie! We had a blast!!