Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday BECCA!!!!

Happy Birthday Becca!!!!!!!

We just wanted to all get on here and tell you BECCA,
Happy, happy birthday today!!

You do such a great job celebrating everyone else, that today we wanted to CELEBRATE you and surprise you with a blog about YOU!!! We all wish we could be there with you today but we hope you have a wonderful day, filled with fun, laughter and love. Know that even though we are all spread out, each of us wanted to tell you this: We think you are an amazing...


(Becca is the cute baby in the picture!)

Mother: (to four beautiful children)


Sister in Law:



And Friend:

Have a wonderful day and we'll have to all have a party with you in a couple of days! Thanks for being AMAZING and most of all for being part of our family!!

P.S. To anyone who reads this, I invite you to add a message to Becca to let her know how much she is loved. And if any of you have a picture you would like to include, especially to the Laing family or any cousins!!!, please email the picture and I'll add it on! We don't want any to be left out! ( Becca means a lot to all of us!

WE LOVE YOU BECCA!!!! Happy Birthday!


Cristy said...

Happy Birthday Becca! I already sang to you on your Easter 2008 Post so I won't put you through it again but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I think you are more amazing today than you were in high school and you were pretty amazing in high school too!!!
Love you Girl!!!! Have a great day!!

Emily Rasmussen said...

You are an amazing sister to me and aunt to my babies. Happy birthday. I love you tons and miss being close to you. I hope you have a great day and year.
Love your little bro,

Emily Rasmussen said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you know how much you are loved -tons!:O)You one of my dearest friends.Thanks for being you. I love and adore you! Once again Happy Birthday!
Love your little sister,

PS That was very sweet Kirsten! :O)

Andelin said...

Happy Birthday Becca!

Bret said...

Happy Birthday Again! Don't you feel loved? That was so nice of Kirsten to do this. As a mom you always make sure everybody else is taken care of, it's nice when somebody takes care of you too. Be sure to post some pictures from today and let us know what a wonderful day it was. Also, I love the picture of you and Kirsten at the end!

Momma J said...

Happy Birthday Becca!

Em said...

Happy Birthday Becca! Hope you have a fabulous day and that you get spoiled. :) Or at least just get a nap or something awesome. Love ya!

The San Diego Mills said...

How nice of your family to do that for you. Very cute idea and a great way to honor you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get to do some fun stuff!

Becca said...


Happy Birthday you beautiful girl!! I am so lucky to be a recipient of your unconditional friendship, and I'm so grateful that you were such a sister to me while I was at BYU. I appreciate and love you so much. :)

Becca Warthen

Becca said...

Holy Cow!! Kirsten you are such a sweet heart! Thank you for doing this post...even if it's alittle embarrising!! You made my day!! Thank you, all of you for your sweet comments. I feel very loved!! Thank you all for loving me even when I'm a nerd! You guys are the best!!

The Gage Cage said...

Hey Becca,

Looks like you might not read this until tomorrow. I'll say it anyway. Happy Birthday! You must have so much energy to be able to keep up with all your visitors! Everyday is a party at the Laing's. ;) What's a popular girl to do? I'm in the Becca fan club too. I'm amazed by you! You set a great example for me through your blog. I hope you had a great birthday and this year is a smooth and wonderful one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my dear daughter!!! You have been a great joy, and inspiration to me. I hope your birthday is perfect and that this coming year is the best yet.

Beth said...

Dang it! I was going to call you yesterday because I thought it might be your birthday, but I wasn't sure. Happy Birthday, anyway! You're great! Everything in this post is so true: you're a great wife, daughter, mother, cousin, friend, everything. I hope you had a killer time on your b-day!

kelly said...

Happy Birthday Becca, I'm so sorry I didn't call you, I just realized today that I'm 3 days behind!!! I hope your birthday was wonderful. Kirsten did a wonderful job on your birthday blog, you are so very loved, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Becca! We love you so much. I hope that your day was a blast. That was sweet of Kirsten to post this for you. We belong to a great family.
Love to you!

Yasmine said...

Becca, you know why I love you so much? Here's a few reasons:
1. You are spunky and feisty!
2. You are beautiful and stylish!
3. You are generous and kind.
4. You sing like an angel and look like one at the same time.
5. Some of my best memories are with you.
6. You were a loyal and trustworthy friend no matter what.
7. You are short like me!
8. You are funny!
9. You can still kick butt- even after 4 kids!
10. And most of matter how old we get you will always be a year older than me! LOVE YOU!

jennifer said...

happy late birthday! i didn't realize your bday was so close to jeremy's - we'll have to remember that for next year. hope you had a great one. love all the old family pics. and how did you look so good after just having a baby?! you looked great in the hospital!

lots of love...

Megan said...

To my dearest, bestest, hottest, longest and funnest cousin/friend, Happy Birthday! You are everything that I wish I was and hope to someday be. Seriously you are so sweet and talented and patient and happy and GORGEOUS. Good thing I'm working on not coveting because that would be hard for me otherwise. :-) Here's to the next 28 great years! And weren't those three days when we were both 27 so awesome!?

kelly said...

I actually made you and the girls some of them, so I'll just send them to you and you can see them up close! You basically just dismantle fake flowers and put them together however you want, you can mix and match and make them really full too. You use a hot glue gun to keep them together and leave out the plastic pieces. You can add jewels to them too. You can hot glue the jewels or use jewel or embellishment glue. Hot glue ribbon to the clip so you can hot glue the flower to the clip and it will have something to stick onto. I'll mail you the ones I made and you'll see what I mean.
Love you,

Toomer Family said...

I'm a little late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I was so excited to find your blog. How do you know Liz Pollock? Your family is beautiful.

gunnfam said...

Happy Late Birthday Becca! I just saw the fun post, (Kirsten as always amazing.=) It was so fun to see your family, if only for a few seconds around Easter. You are incredible. (and you look great, I hope I can look that good after 4 kids...that's if we decide to have any more =)

..Kris Naven.. said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome post! You can tell that you are truly loved by many! A March baby! Yeah! We are the best! Lol! Happy Birthday!

Love Always,