Friday, June 1, 2012

2011-2012 School Year- Westside Elementary

Since I'm so behind in our blogging, I've decided to do a massive post.  This post is the kids whole school year all combined into one post....This was a big year for these guys.  We found out we were going to have another baby, we moved, their Aunt Liz was their Music Teacher.  It was sad to decide to leave Westside and switch to Brookeside.  We've LOVED Westside, the teachers, the friends, Mrs Matis....Here's to Westside!!  
August 2011- Brayden's in 5th grade, Addy's in 3rd, Sophie's in 1st and Kolby is in PreSchool..Where did time fly?!?!?  These are pictures of their 1st day of School.

Waiting at the bus stop. (Loved how this was right in front of our house!!)

Kolby's first day of Preschool was a few days later.  He's sooo excited to be like the big kids and go to school.  The Olsens, Stitt's, Cook's, Richard's and I decided to do a Joy School type of Preschool.  Kolby had Preschool every Tue and Thursday afternoons and we would switch off weeks being the teacher!  It was soooo much fun!!!  I loved it, Kolby loved it!!! Win, win situation!! 

Brayden's 5th Grade Activities
This year Brayden had Mr. Rawlings. He loved having a man for a teacher.  I saw lots of growth and maturity in Brayden this year!  He's becoming much more responsible with his school work and he wants to get good grades and do his best!  I'm grateful for Brayden!! 
Hershey Track 
These pictures were taken at the 5th grade Hershey Track meet.  Brayden had fun!!!!  Kolby and I had fun cheering for him!! Love you Brayden! 

Bean Museum 
Holly, Kolby and Brayden 
Kolby and Brayden LOVED the HUGE Brown Bear at the Bean Museum.
Wax Museum- The kids picked a person of influence in History and Brayden choose Davy Crockett.  He did research about Davy Crockett, wrote a report, then they had a wax museum where they were their characters.  They all worked hard and had fun!!  
Brayden worked really hard on his homework this year.  LeGrand and I spent many hours reviewing our math too ;) 

Helga went on Brayden's 9 mile hike with him since I couldn't go because I had been put on partial bed rest. It was so sweet of Helga to come. Brayden is lucky that He has so many people who love and support him.  Thank you Helga!  It meant the world to me!! 
Brayden's 5th grade program was so fun to watch!!!  They had a dancing part of the program and they had to dance with a first none of the boys wanted to sign up for it...then Brayden decided he wanted to and talked most of the other boys into signing up.  He said, "Come on you guys, it won't be that bad, you know you're all going to end up marrying a girl so you might as well just get used to it."  After that they had lots of boys sign up.  It was cute!! Way to go Brayden.

Brayden got put to be Kirsten Stitt's dancing partner.  They had fun!!! 
For 5th grade Pet Day Brayden was excited to have Daisy there....  He's so responsible with her.  I'm proud of how responsible he is with her.  He's such a good dog owner!! All the Kids LOVED Daisy too!! 
Kolby has been so good to be involved with me and all the kids things!!  All the girls in Brayden's class...aka Pheobe and him.  As soon as they see him they run up and ask if he can come play with them at Recess or something.  It's way cute! 
Field Day-So fun, watching Brayden with all of his class mates.  Fun to watch him include Kolby.  He's seriously such a great Big Brother.  

Adelyn's 3rd Grade Year!! 
Addy was in Becky Mannings class this year!  She's such a great teacher!!  Adelyn is such a good student!! She is so organized, on task, responsible.  She'd be any teachers dream student!!!  
For Field Day I signed up to be the helper for Addy's class... Kolby did most of the work, we played "Water Duck, Duck, Goose and the kids had a blast.  Kolby was such a cute helper, since I was 7 1/2 months pregnant he didn't want me to have to bend down to refill the water.  So he did it for me!!  I didn't get tons of pictures of Addy since we were so busy running the station....opps! 

Here we are after field day.  It was fun to eat lunch with Addy!!  
3rd Grade Hershey Track 

Thanksgiving Fun
I came and helped Addy's class do a Thanksgiving Craft.  I love watching the kids in their classes and see how they interact with all their friends!! 

Addy's 3rd Grade Program

Field Trip to Thanksgiving Point

Sophie's 1st grade year
Sophie was in Spanish Immersion for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Here teachers this year were Senora Diaz and Mrs Westover.  For half of the day Sophie was in Spanish and the other half of the day was in English.  It was a great opportunity for her, challenging but good.  Sophie loved learning Spanish and is really good, especially with her numbers.  She understands quite a bit and was working on getting over her shyness as she began participating more in Spanish!!!  We had both her teachers and their families over for dinner one day just so they could see how out going Sophie is out side of the class room.  It was fun!   We are proud of you Sophie for doing something that was hard for you and doing it well!!  

Field Day
I was helping Addy's class for field day, but we were able to eat lunch with Sophie!!  Sophie is such a good girl!! I love you Squeezy!! 

Billy Goats Gruff Play

Field trip to the Big Red Barn

Authors Night

1st Grade Spanish Program

1st Grade Awards Ceremony

Sophie was given an ward for her good handwriting and for improved participation in her Spanish class.  It's scary to participate in class when you have to speak another language.  She worked so hard and we are proud of her!! Way to go Sophie!! 

Grandparents Day
We felt so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen be able to come for Grandparents Day!!  Brayden and Addy had their Great Grandparents there which was a blessing too, but it was really fun to be able to have my parents, Sophie's Grandparents at a school event.  Because they live in Henderson NV they don't get to be here very much for school/sports events.  This was a treat!!  It might be the pregnancy hormones but I brought tears to my eyes because I was so happy that they could be there.  Even though Nana and Papa or Great Grandma Ras or Great Grandma Larsen could be there, they all wrote letters to Sophie, which she will treasure always!!  Thank you everyone!! 

Kolby's Preschool
I seriously had so much fun this year doing this preschool.  Kolby was surrounded with good friends, the moms that we did the preschool with are some of my very best friends!  It was wonderful.  The boys did lots of fun things!!  
Field Trip to the Bean Museum

Here are the boys on an "Airplane" ride the day we were learning about the Letter A.  It was so fun, they all had passpors and we flew to "Africa" to learn about the Alligatiors....we did lot's of activities that started with the Letter A.
Here we are, building our own Airplanes out of a clothes pin and Popsicle sticks.
At the end we played "Angry Birds" in the Back Yard!! This was such a hit!!  

After a year of learning their ABC's, manners, obedience and having tons of fun these 6 handsome boys graduated.  

Way to Go Kolby!!!  

The Last Day of School at Westside Elementary
Sophie and Mrs. Westover
Sophie with Mrs. Diaz
Brayden with Mr. Rawlings 
Adelyn with Mrs. Manning
Kolby, Sophie, Mrs Sara Matis (Principal), Brayden, Adelyn
When we got home we had our first Annual homework bonfire in our back yard.  It was Brayden's idea and we decided it could be fun.  The Carter's joined us and we've decided to make it a yearly tradition.  They couldn't burn everything obviously but they have tons and tons of work and workbooks and papers at the end of the school year.  We decided that this could be a fun reward for working so hard in school.  We kept the important papers and they put them in their box and burned everything else! They didn't think hot dogs ever tasted so good, roasted over burning homework!!!