Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brayden's 7 Year Pictures

Here's our Handsome 7 year old!! We love you Brayden!!

Adelyn's 5 Year Pictures

Enjoy these pictures of our 5 year old Angel!! We love you Adelyn!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Father and Sons AND Girls night!!

This weekend is a time that we look forward to all year long. Father and Sons....LeGrand and Brayden have a blast. They take the seats out of the Van, blow up an air mattress and wala an instant tent. They build a fire, explore, play football, eat, play more football, and then they settle in and watch a movie(we have a dvd player in our van...)this years movie choice was Star Wars-Return of the Jedi... I'm so glad Brayden has such an amazing daddy who loves to be with him. LeGrand you are sooooo incredible..... Ok these pictures crack me up... I took these right before they left....I said smile, I was trying to get a good nice picture of my two big guys and this is what I got....
Brayden you are such a Goof!!! It's so cute to see you cute little personality shine through in these pictures... they are all soooooo Brayden!! I'm glad you guys had fun!!

Girls Night...with Kolby;)

Ok, we were so excited to have a girls night... I asked Adelyn and Sophie what they wanted to do and this is what they came up with.....a Bubble Bath... cute sisters!!

Nail Polish
Girly movies....Enchanted and Strawberry Shortcake....and treats!!!

Even though this was a girls night, we were glad Kolby joined us.... maybe next year he'll be able to go with the boys.....we'll see....

We had a blast being all together, sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed (besides Kolbs buddie). I love my girls... I love my boys!!!! It's fun to do this every once in a while. But I truly love it better when we are all together!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Freezer Meals...anyone????

Hey have any of you hear of "Once a Month Cooking"???? I just heard about it and got excited... We are going to have an enrichment activity about preparing and freezing meals, with tips, ideas, recipes.....Do any of you do this, have any tips or ideas, any great recipes...I would love to hear from you and get your recipes. I'm looking for ways to make my life easier, to simplify and I think this could do it....Who thought to go shopping maybe 2 times a month, to cook up all your meat for the month in one day and then put the meals together....Please, I would love to hear from you...so if you there are any websites you love, recipes or tips send them to me!! Thanks guys!! Wouldn't it be awesome to open up your Freezer and see this...a month worth of meals almost ready to go...... Some of the websites I've found so far are http://www.frugalmom.net/once_a_month_cooking.htm and http://www.kitchenlink.com/rcpmenus.html... I'm sure there is lots more out there...Let me know what you do....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Tag from Yaz...I love you too!!;)

Ok, Yaz, this wasn't very nice;) But here you go.... It's kind of a mean tag. You are supposed to take pictures of different things immediately--no straightening up or wiping the kids noses or anything. I got kind of lucky, with some since I've been doing FLY LADY again. If you don't know what Fly Lady is you should check it out!! I love it, not that I do it all the time but it really helps since I'm defiantly not a born organized person!! Luckily I've been trying to "Shine my sink" and doing my bed time routine which includes a quick pick up, and this was first thing in the morning!! Here goes.....no judging....anyone!!!!!!

1. Kitchen Sink: Ok, so I don't have any dishes in the sink which is something I've been trying to improve on. I've realized it's so much easier to rinse off the dishes right away, there is little grosser to me than having to clean a whole sink full of nasty, stinky, crusty dishes... I'm not perfect at it, but I'm trying to do better. My sink isn't "shiny" but at least the dishes are in the dish washer!!

2. Toilet: You never said which one, so of course I picked the cleanest one....don't look too close, it hasn't been cleaned in at least a week....

3. Laundry Room: there you have it....really exciting I know!!

4. The Fridge: Wow, I really need to clean out my fridge... I'm glad you can't see it in details...it's really gross!!

5. What is your spouse/kids doing right now? Well the kids are sitting behind me playing on the floor. Adelyn is actually doing sorting homework, yup, we haven't gotten ready for the day, hairs not combed, we are all a little crusty...but that's ok.... Brayden is at school....
LeGrand is teaching seminary.......

6. Your favorite shoes: ok, from left to right....I love my black boots...enough said.....I love my little pink heels with the bow they make me feel so dainty and cute....flip flops!!! I love them...especially these, they are cute and give me much needed height...Tennis shoes...I love being comfortable, and these last ones, they match with lots of things and I suddenly gain some height.....there you have it....

7. Your favorite room: I think it would have to be our Play Room....not in the sense that I come and sit and relax in it...which I do occasionally, but because this helps keep our home cleaner, the kids can go down and play and I can have a few minutes of quiet..... there are so many memories of our family doing this project together.....LeGrand did a great job!!!

8. Your dream vacation: I don't really have a specific dream vacation.....somewhere with LeGrand, quiet, peaceful, romantic.... sunsets and beaches are always good!!

9. The Closet: Yesterday I told LeGrand that I really needed to clean out the hall closet.. but of course I haven't gotten to it yet....enjoy the mess....

10. Self-Portrait: The meanest one! No makeup, I haven't combed my hair yet.... I know I look lovely!!!

I'm going to tag Kelly Laing, Katherine Stitt, Emily Rasmussen, Gwen Hawkins, and Krista Gage!!! I love you girls...don't hate me too much for this mean tag!!