Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Wow, We had a Wonderful Easter. Since this week has been soooo busy with so many fun different events and different family staying with us, which we loved, but I didn't get to plan Easter till Saturday... Have you ever tried to go shopping to get EVERYTHING on Saturday afternoon. Ya it was crazy, I hope I don't ever put it off that late again.;) We'll see about that though;)... Really even with my procrastination it was a wonderful day!!!

On Saturday we had lunch at the park and did an Easter Egg hunt with the Larsens. It was so fun to see everyone again and to get caught up. There are so many incredible people in our family!! We feel blessed to be a part of Grandma Larsens posterity!! Grandma you are an amazing woman, we love you and admire you. Thank you for your example and who you are. You always make us feel loved and welcomed. Brayden, Adelyn and Sophie had so much fun running around the park and playing outside. Even though it is an early Easter and they still were wearing coats, it was really good to be outside. This winter has seemed so long and it's been sooo cold that it was incredible to go and play at the park. It feels like it's been forever!! Yay for SPRING!!

After the park, we cleaned the house, I went shopping and went practically crazy, j/k but it was nuts!! Then we colored Easter Eggs!! The Kiddos had a lot of fun, they loved doing it all by themselves. We didn't even have any spills...and if you knew our family, we have spills almost at every meal and usually more than once.;)

LeGrand was trying to get a picture of everyone...Cute..

LeGrand and I woke up to the noise of Brayden playing basketball in our kitchen...the kids are supposed to come into our room so we can read the Easter story in the scriptures before we all go downstairs as a family... I guess Brayden forgot and saw it all before we wanted him to, but that's ok... So after we got everyone in our room, we did and activity where there are 12 eggs, each is numbered and you open them in order and they have an object and scripture in it that helps us tell the Easter Story. The 12th egg is empty symbolizing the tomb. It was fun and a good way to teach the kids why we celebrated Easter. We really try to put the focus of Easter and Christmas on the Savior, it can be easy for little ones and big ones to forget with all the excitement, candy and presents.

We all got new Church outfits(it's a fun tradition...one that we have carried on from my childhood). It's a really nice time to take an inventory of church socks, shoes, tights.... too) Lucky LeGrand got 5 new white dress shirts and a tie. Exciting I know, but when you wear them every day, you have to stock up. He's actually getting used to white shirts, ties and suits for his presents. I enjoy getting a new dress too... It's fun and it's something that the kids look forward to as well. They also get candy, and usually they get some books or a movie....We always take LOTS of pictures, have a wonderful meal together and have an Easter Egg hunt. We were so happy to have Paul spend Easter with us. It's fun having him close(he goes to BYU) and have him come over often. We love you Paul! Bryan and Helga also came and visited before the kids went to bed. We had a wonderful day. Paul was our photographer! Thanks Paul!!

I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, for all that he did for me, for the example that he has shown us of how to live our lives so that we can return to live with him after we die. I'm grateful that he was
Resurrected so that we can be Resurrected too. I'm grateful that I know that I can be with my family forever. I'm grateful for families, Our little family as well as our extended families!! We are truely blessed!! I love Easter!!


Andelin said...

Great pictures! You guys all look great! Happy Easter!

Emily Rasmussen said...

I almost bought that dress for easter. Its looks so cute on you! :o)

Bret said...

The pictures are darling. You all look so beautiful and I especially love the girls' dresses. You look so great! Remind LeGrand how lucky he is to have such a hot wife!

Kirsten said...

These pictures are wonderful!! I absolutely LOVE all the great family pictures that you had taken. You guys did great and Paul did a wonderful job too. I'll have to get some pointers from him! ;) The family picture now in the profile box is my most favorite one that you guys have ever taken (although last years Easter was actually great too!) Thanks for sharing all the pictures and the ones of the extended family. It helps those of us so far away feel a lot closer. We can't wait to see you in three days!!!!! :) And I agree-Becca you are beautiful!!

Kirsten said...

Happy, happy birthday Becca!!! (Thursday) I hope you are having a fantastic day!! We love you!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Cute pictures, Bec!

Cristy said...

The pics are sooooo cute!!! I love how the girls are matching without wearing the SAME dress!!! Adorable Family!
p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (cha cha cha) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (cha cha cha) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BECCA (CHA CHA CHA) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (OOOOOOOOOO) -> that one was pretty high and screechy! ;)

kelly said...

lol, last year I actually made you one of those 12 Easter egg things to help tell the story. Of course you already have one, the idea probable came from Utah and took it's time getting here! I'll have to find another lucky recipient!! We always do ours for family night on the Monday before Easter.

Lance and Celeste said...

I would like more info on the eater egg lesson, I've never heard of it can you tell me where to find it?