Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dodge Ball Tournament

What grown men that you know would be really excited in participating in a High School Dodge Ball Tournament? I know a bunch of them. LeGrand and the rest of the Seminary Teachers at Springville and a few other friends decided to raise to the occasion and try to take everyone out in a Dodge Ball Tournament held at Springville High School. It was actually really fun to watch. They did good and took 3rd place. It was fun to see them out there having fun acting like teenagers again. They had a good cheering section. LeGrand loves all the guys he works with. I'm grateful that he's surrounded by amazing people. You can't really see but they had black lines under their eyes, their white shirts were torn and some had ties around their heads.....I didn't realize that a group of Seminary teachers could ever look so mean....Go Dad!!!! We love you!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Projects, Projects and more Projects....

Since LeGrand was asked to be Bishop we will now be living in our home quite a bit longer than we had originally planned on. We have had fun fixing it up a bit and we're glad that we did....we've done lots of projects and still have lots more in mind!!! Lots of work, lots of messes but it's so worth it. Here's some of the projects we've done over the last year or so:
New Windows
Hooray for new windows.... We decided to get new windows and they seriously have been such a blessing!! They are so much nicer than our old ones, way better insulated and they are sound resistant too... it's amazing!!

With the new window purchase we decided to get a Sliding Glass door too... We love it too.

Before the sliding glass door.....

Painting the Master Bedroom

We painted our Master Bedroom and I love it!!!! Painting is such a fun project. The kids love helping paint too. Kids Bathroom
The upstairs bathrooms really needed a makeover...even though it was a lot of work, I'm soooo glad we did it and that it's done.
LeGrand was starting to rip up the floors...
The kids thought it was fun "helping"dad. As long as they stayed in the tub it was ok.

Yeah for the new floors!!!!

The final Product
We decided to pour concrete on our little side yard. We were tired of pulling weeds and trying to keep it looking well kept....It ended up a bigger job than we thought. We tried to save ourselves some money and do it ourselves...but it was hours and hours of back breaking work and honestly I don't think it saved very much money at all. If we ever do concrete again, I think we'll just pay someone to do it for us.

Some of the work force. We had so many young men and friends in our ward come over and help. We had to dig down about 8 inches and level it all out... It took a few weeks of weekends to get it done.

Our good neighbor Chewy and his dad and brother came and helped LeGrand pour the concrete. With out their knowledge it would have been impossible to do.
It feels so good to be done with this project!!!!
Rain gutter in the back
Since our crawlspace flooded a few times last year, we have tried to fix some things to try to prevent that from ever happening again. We caulked the back patio, we put in a sub pump and did everything we could do to make the playroom more waterproof. I hope all of our Prevention will really prevent water from going down there again!!!

Master Bathroom
I was sooooo excited about our Master Bath redo...I've always loved the color RED but was to nervous to do it. LeGrand agreed that I could do our bathroom that's what we did..
BeforeDuring....Ok, this picture almost gives me a heart attack.. I went and bought RED paint and this is what it looked like... I put 4 coats on the wall and it was still uneven...not to mention it was really really red. After using a whole gallon on our little bathroom and still not being done I went back to Home Depot and talked to a guy who gave me lots of pointers on painting red...(I wish someone told me them before I wasted a ton of time on the 1st gallon) I decided to change the color a bit and was much happier with the results!!!
Much Better!!!
Our New Floors!!!
The finished product!!!
I love reds and browns and I think it looks good. Now I just need to find something to hang up on the wall.....any ideas?!?!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boys will be boys---Taking me back!!!

These pictures take me back....let me explain....
As a little girl I had an older Brother. (Yes he's still my older Brother!!)  Ammon and I were good friends. When we were little I remember always wanting to play with him. One day he was playing with one of his friends, the friend didn't want me to play too. I was devastated. This was at time that if I could have I would have married my big brother. I will never forget what Ammon did. He told his friend that if I couldn't play with them he wasn't going to play either. Oh, I was blessed with such a good big brother!!! When I see Adelyn playing Football or Basketball with Brayden and his friends it makes me feel so grateful that my little girl has such a good big brother too.

(I found this picture and it made me laugh out loud! This is me with 2 of my brothers, Ammon and Stewart. These are some of the greatest guys I know.You've got to love the fact that Stewart only has one shoe on and you've got to love Ammon's helmet and goggles....I love it!!!!!)

The other thing that takes me back with I see that picture is looking at LeGrand. When LeGrand get home he can't wait to go out and play with the kids. Most of the time with the neighborhood boys ask if Brayden can play they also ask if the Bishop can come out and play too. For those of you that have known me for a long time you will understand why this takes me back. I never really thought that I would marry someone just like my dad. But I did. LeGrand reminds me of my dad in so many ways, not only that they both are in the same career, both have been Bishops, are both worthy righteous priesthood holders, are incredibly busy but make time to coach their children's sports, spend time with their families....the list could go on, but I think you get the point....
When I was little I remember my dad getting home from work and playing with us....sometime he was even still in his suit.(Remind you of anyone?) He loved playing with us when he got home, he would play with all the neighbor kids too. Here are some pictures that I found of my dad playing with us after he got home from work. I think my Daddy is one of the most incredible man ever. I feel blessed everyday that I married someone who has so many characteristics of my Dad.
Ok, I guess enough flash backs....  Our front yard is perfect for a Football game!! 
When it's FREEZING outside, our kitchen becomes a really happening place....
That's right, it becomes a Basketball Court.  Brayden, Peter Douglas, Riley Dustin and Bailey just doing what boys do best!!
Now for their dunk contests!!  Heres Bailey...
Last but not least....Brayden...
Fun times!!