Monday, December 26, 2011

Kolby and Dad's B-day, Christmas Season Celebrations too!!

The Holiday Season this year was soooo good.  The kiddos are at a perfect stage to really enjoy and believe it or not, still BELIEVE!!!  We are so excited to have another baby, but this whole Season was tough for me as the pregnant Mom.  I don't think I've ever been this sick, and that's saying a lot, I was really sick with the other 4 pregnancies.  I do just have to keep telling myself that it will all be worth it.  I know it will, but it feels like this will never pass.  Thankfully it will!!!  LeGrand and the kids and sisters and friends have been incredibly helpful!!!  Yeah for Support!! 

Sitting on Santas Lap!!!
Temple Square

LeGrand and Kolby's Birthdays!!!!!  Kolby turned 4 and LeGrand turned 34!!!  

We hung out at Bryan and Helga's house for some Birthday fun!!! 
Then we went to Trafalga and played Laser Tag!! 

Then we came home to do Cake and Ice Cream with the Carters!!  Candance was so cute, she knows that I love to do big Birthday Cakes for the kiddos on their birthday, but she also knew how yucky I was feeling... she make LeGrand and Kolby their SPORTS birthday cake for me, so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  That's an amazing friend there!!  Thank you sooo much Candace!!! 

Christmas Eve- The Nativity!!!! 
We had dinner at Aunt Meridee's house.  We love being with family and being surrounded by so many great people!!!  It's fun to be with Joel and Beth and their family and Megan and Dan and their family too!!Their puppet Nativity Program has become a favorite part of the Holiday Season for our family!!! The Kiddos Love helping!!!  Thank you Meridee!!!  

 I love my Beautiful cousin Megan!!! 
Christmas Morning!!!  So much excitement is in the air!!! 

Here the kids are lining up after we read the Nativity Story in Mom and Dad's bed....  Just waiting for Dad to go and check if Santa came.....Dad usually comes back and says that Santa's sleigh must have tipped over in the family room, which is always followed by tons of cheers!!!  I love it!! :)

Christmas was on Sunday this year!!  It was so special to be able to get all ready and go celebrate our Saviors Birth at Church!!  I love these kiddos!!  Brayden is growing up to be such a stud! 
Sophie is so beautiful and was really excited about her pinch earrings!!! 
Kolby is officially 4!!!  What a Birthday!!  We love you Birthday Man!!! 
We are sooo blessed!!!  What beautiful Kiddos we have!!! 

It was a special treat to have Daddy (who is the Bishop of our Ward) home with us before Church today!!!  We love you LeGrand!!  

Merry Christmas!!!!!!