Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lessons Learned

Yesterday I learned a few lessons it would have been nice to learn them from someone elses experiences. I guess I had to learn them the hard way.. Before I explain what happened, let me tell you about my day yesterday. It was an incredible day! LeGrand and I were able to go up to the Tabernacle for our annual "Night with a General Authority" as CES employees. Elder Packer, Elder Nelson and Elder Oaks were there. To make the evening even better, LeGrand and I were able to sing in the choir. It was an amazing experience to be able to sit up in the choir seats behind these incredible servants of God, to be so close to them and to be able to feel of their spirit. It doesn't sound bad yet, does it... so here are my lessons that I learned from...

Lesson #1-
We sang in the Choir and it was really fun. I use to sing all the time and it felt really good to sing again. The thing I realized was that I didn't feel as prepared as I wish I did. I normally don't feel nervous to sing in a choir and I just enjoy it. Normally I feel confident in the song, the words and the notes. I didn't mess up or anything but I know I didn't have as much fun up there as I could have if I was better prepared!! As I was thinking about preparing, I realized that I didn't want to feel nervous and unprepared when I meet my Savior. It was my fault that I wasn't totally, 100% ready so that I could have confidence in my self. When I meet my Savior I don't want to feel nervous or unsure or unprepared. It was alittle eye opener for me.

Lesson #2-
As I was picking out my outfit for that evening I asked LeGrand if there was some specific colors that I needed to wear. He said no that he hadn't heard of anything, so I got dressed but as soon as I walked in I noticed that all of the other women in the choir were wearing jewel tones. Was I wearing jewel tones....NO. So here I am wearing my WHITE shirt and PINK Striped Skirt. I loved my outfit, but not when I stuck so obviously. To make it even worse, I was in the front row. Ahhhh! Talk about uncomfortable. I realized that I want to be able to be in the presence of incredible people and not feel like I'm sticking out. I want to live my life so I fit in with righteous, honest, happy, faithful, fun people. I want to have qualities that they have. I have a long way to go, but this experience was good for me, to apply it to my life and learn from it.

Lesson # 3-
As we were getting ready to leave and drop the kids off at my Uncle David and Aunt Sheri's home something happened. I was giving Kolby a bath. I got him undressed and we were standing next to the kitchen sink(his bathtub was in the sink) I was standing there with the water on trying to get it the right temperature and all the sudden something was squirting on my face. It took me a few seconds to realize what was getting me wet. Kolby went to the bathroom all over me. I've been soaked before, but never on my face, in my hair, all over my neck, down my shirt.... It was so gross. This lesson is not deep or anything, but I learned that I have to pay attention at all times when Kolby doesn't have a diaper on. I can't stand there at the sink with water running and not expect to get hosed down. It's a good thing that I wasn't totally ready for the evening....Hopefully I'll only have to learn this lesson once!


Kirsten said...

HAHHAHA!!! I am so sorry about getting peed on. I haven't had to worry about that one in a while!!! When the girls would pee (Karli every time you would take her diaper off) it would soak everything beneath her. I thin the face and hair would have to be way, way worse!! I am so sorry.
On a different note, I am glad you learned some lessons, but just so you know, I think you always look beautiful and well dressed and your voice has always, always sounded very beautiful to me. That is wonderful you guys had just a great experience and I think it is awesome that you guys live in Utah and get to hear and see so many general authorities. What a wonderful experience. P.S. How did you get to sing in the choir?

Anonymous said...

It took me awhile with Bridger to learn that one, I hated the poop lesson time the worse though, or right after I got him dressed and he'd pee all over his clothes ....the face would be a really bad one too! :o)
Its great when we have moments to reflect but its sad when they make us feel unprepared, I know that feeling too. Sometimes its easy to let certain things fly under the radar. My biggest fear is that when its too late I realize I wasn't a good enough mother...There are just so many things we are supposed to be doing and doing well. When I wonder which areas I should be better in and I know mothering is the most important thing I do I always feel I should really be trying harder most the time. I think you are doing great. And I am sure you didn't standout very much at all in a white blouse. And man, you and Kirsten blog all at once, I get a lot of fun reading at one blog visit! - I love it, its like a fun surprise :o) I'll be looking forward to seeing Kolby's blessing pics! We love you!

Becca said...

Kirsten, the choir was from the Utah Valley Areas, and who ever wanted could sing. It was amazing!! I should probably tell you some outlandish story about how competitive it was to get in... but that would be a big fat lie so I won't. ;)