Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brielle 3 months old

3 months old!!  Wow!!! Sweetheart, You are growing up way too fast!!!  You continue to be such a joy in our lives.  Everyone one who sees you says, “Oh, she is SOOOOO Beautiful!!!”  or “That’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seenseriously!”  You turn heads everywhere you go.  You are probably the most popular person in our new ward.  I’m teaching primary and haven’t wanted you to get sick with all the germs that are passed around there, so Dad gets to take you.  The only thing is that Dad doesn’t even get you for long.  There are so many nice women in our ward that just can’t wait to get their turns with you.  Seriously, there is a waiting list.people have to call places in line just to get a squeeze on our precious angel girl!!  Everyone who gets to hold you comment to me about how fun it is to hold you, how much peace you bring to them, how there is a special spirit about you.  I agree with everything they say!!  You are the Presh-Presh!!!

You have also found your Thumb.  You little stinker J When ever we see you sucking on it, we pull it out and put your binkie in you mouththat works for a while, then I turn around again and you’ve found your thumb again.  We’ll see how long you try to pull this off.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brielle's 2 months old

Brielle, I can't believe that you are already 2 months old. In some ways it feels like you are still so new and in others it feels like you have been in our family forever! You are such a good sleeper!  Most of the time you sleep a good 6-8 hours in a row at night, then eat and go back to bed for a few more hours!  I'm getting spoiled!  You are starting to become really smiley and fun to play with.  Your brothers and sisters can’t get enough of you.  So far you’ve acquired lots of nick namessome are “the Presh-Presh” “The Bri-Bri” “The Most Bootiful-Bootiful(the beautiful beautiful in baby talkJ) ”  “The most Beautiful Presh Presh” “The Pity Ittles”(the pretty littlesJ) I’m sure there will be more to come!!  We love you our Precious Angel Girl!!! 

Some pictures  from her 6 week photo shoot....

Some pictures from her 8 week photo shoot...

Love this girly girl!!!