Thursday, January 28, 2010

A much needed Weekend!!!

When the kids start asking when we can go to Grandma and Grandpa's or Nana and Papa's house you know it's been awhile.  So during our 4 day weekend in January we decided to head down to see Grandma and Grandpa.....It was wonderful.  It felt so good to be in their home and feel of their love first hand.  We seriously had so much fun.... Here are some of the things that we did.....
Matching Pajama Pants made by Grandma with Love
Mom was so cute, she went and did her hair to be like Sophies so they could be real twins.  The red hair, even done the same and the pajamas.  Such a cute Grandma..  Thanks Mom for all the time you put into making these for everyone in our family!!

Our Kiddos sure do love their Grandma and Grandpa!!

Playing at the "Tute"the Institute that is...

This is a game our family made up, it's a combination of Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer and Ping Pong...hence the name!  It's seriously one of the funnest games of all time.

Playing at the Park
Wow, it was a treat for us to be able to play outside in shorts in at home it's Snowy and Freezing!!!  We love the Weather in Vegas in January!!!!

Ha ha!! These pictures crack me up!!!  I love Liz's expressions. 

Oh he's soooooo handsome!!

I love my Sisters!!!

Some of my Favorite girls ever!!!!!!

The Dumpster

If you haven't heard already our family found a secret spot to watch the airplanes land...ever since we moved to Vegas when I was 18 we've gone there and loved our kids do too. It's so fun!!

Cafe Rio and Neilsons Frozen Custard....Yummy!!!!

The Flour Game

Kolby was so excited to try it, until he actually did....He did it all by himself but it took him only a minute to think it's pretty funny...

Nate and Liz are a cute couple!

I love my Sisters!!
Just being cRaZy with the Sistas!!!

 The Trolley
We had to get home for Brayden's Basketball game on Monday, after the game we ate dinner at the Trolley...  The Kids love sitting in the train while we eat.  If you're ever looking for a place to eat in Springville....we would recommend the should get the Art City Special's devine!!!