Friday, March 21, 2008


Liz Reported to the MTC on March 19th. We had fun spending time together as a family before she left. We went out to eat which is always fun and a bonding experience. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Ras!)

Kolby when Liz gets home you are going to be sooooo BIG!! ;)

Sisters!! I love my Sisters!!!!

4 out of the 7 siblings!! We missed you Ammon, Stewart and Seth!!

Paul and Liz will be our 2 missionaries! Paul should will be recieving his call this week!! They are going to tear it up!! We love you guys and are proud of you!!!

The MTC!!!

Sisters again! I have the best sisters in the whole world, that also includes all my sister inlaws!!
I love this picture, Dad, Liz and Mom. You guys are glowing!!
Aunt Liz is a special part of all of us. Brayden, Adelyn, Sophie and Kolby love her so much! I think Adelyn will especially miss Liz. They have a special bond, which is fun since Adelyn's middle name is Elizabeth!

Sorella Rasmussen, Italy here she comes!!
It was such a good experience for our kiddos to see Liz go to the MTC. Brayden keeps talking about how he is excited to go on his mission. I'm grateful for all the wonderful examples of Grandparents, their daddy, and all the Aunts and Uncles that have served missions and have been incredible examples to our children!! Thanks everyone!!
Goodbye Liz, We Love you!!!
Here we are, back at the Ras's house just chillin, Sophie is a doll. I think this is the cutest picture of her! What a little Princess!!
Whitney and I are just being goofy like always.
The funny thing about these pictures is that we said do something funny and we both ended up doing tongue things....weird huh?!?!

Ok, Mom and Dad you can both take a big breath now!!! She'll do great!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

I think the best part is the impression she has left on your little ones. What a great experience for them! That will have a big impression on them. Them seeing how much everyone supports Liz and cares about what she is going...seeing how important missions are and being able to know someone near and dear to them who has done it and been able to be a part of it! How great!!! She already is blessing lives in a profound way as a missionary!

The San Diego Mills said...

That's really cool that Liz is serving a mission, what a good family you guys have! It is so weird to see your younger siblings all grown up, "Small Paul", not so much on the small side anymore and when I saw your girls I thought they looked like Whitney last time I saw her. Totally weird!

Becca said...

I can't get over how old Paul looks and that he's getting his call this week. That is insane. Wow. You guys all look so great. Becca! You are BEAUTIFUL!

The Gage Cage said...

I second the Becca you're BEAUTIFUL! I hope I don't sound like a broken record but you and your sisters are Babes!

I didn't realize Paul was 19. My sister Jen and Bro Aaron served a mission at the same time. Jen left for the MTC 2 weeks before Aaron. One day Jen (who is very very very very very good looking) saw my brother across the cafeteria. Jen got all excited and started shouting "(not Elder Z) Aaron! Aaron! Aaron!" Then she ran up to him and gave a big hug and kiss on the cheek then went on to say how excited she was to see him. Even though she wasn't really breaking any rules it wasn't something other missionaries don't normally see in the MTC. Aaron told me that other Elders were coming up to him in the halls and saying "Right on Elder!" I'm sure they figured out it was his sister. The name tag should have helped.

Also when I would write to Aaron I would kiss the outside of the envelope and the return address would say something silly like "Elder Z's Biggest Fan" or whatever. Aaron loved it because his comp would think he had LOVE mail coming to him but it was just his little sister. I wrote to Aaron alot. We got closer while he was serving in Germany then any other time. I wouldn't be surprised if you will too.

kelly said...

Wow, since when is Whitney not a little girl anymore? That sure went by quickly!