Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brielle at 11 months

It is hard to believe that you are already 11 months old.  You are growing up so fast.  You are walking everywhere now.  I think your record is around 30 steps now.  You are getting more and more steady and sure of yourself every day!   You love to walk, clap, play peek a boo, give high fives and wave goodbye.  You just started giving hugs and kisses too.. It melts our hearts!  You say Mamma, Dadda, Jesus and Daisy.  You are learning sign language too and can say.... More, Please and Thank you! You are such a happy baby who makes everyone smile... even strangers just passing us in the store.  Since it's Summer time and we've been in the pool a bunch we've discovered again how much of a water baby you are. You LOVE the water, you love swimming, splashing, floating and going in the bath tub too.  You also LOVE music and to dance.   It's the cutest thing ever.  You are so busy all the time and love making messes.  You also put everything in your mouth... we have to be so careful to keep the laundry room door closed since that's where Daisy's dog food is.. You have eaten more dog food than I'd like to admit.  Bathroom doors and toilets are also closed since we have also found you several times playing in the water.  Good thing the toilets were at least flushed but it still was seriously gross.  OK, for the grossest thing that you have put in your mouth.... one day as I was making dinner you were just crawling around by my feet and Adelyn said, "Oh mom, Brielle just put something in her mouth..."  Since my hands were messy for dinner prep I asked Addy to get it out.  When she went over there, she screamed and I quickly turned and sure enough a LIVE FLY was crawling out of your mouth, down your chin.  I don't know how you did it. You must have some seriously fast reflexes but we were completely grossed out.  Our poor baby girl.  I'm thinking you are going to end up with the best immune system us of all.  We do love you dearly our most Presh Presh!!!!  You are beautiful!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!!

Here is LeGrand's Father's day card!!!  We love you you so much Honey!!!  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brielle at 10 months

Brielle, It's hard to believe that you are already 10 months old.  You  have 4 teeth now, after your bottom two teeth came in, you got your vampire teeth next and you are just the cutest little vampire we have ever seen.  OK, maybe you tie for the cutest...since Addy got her vampire teeth first as well!!!:)  You love eating big people food, but you still love nursing too.  You make the cutest little giggling sound right before you nurse every time.  It makes everyone around you laugh too.  You are so strong!!!  You love walking along furniture and have taken a few steps on your own.  You are trying so hard to keep up with your older siblings but I'd kind of like it if you slowed down and just remained our little baby.  It is fun to see you growing up.  You say Mamma, and Dadda!!!  We love hearing it!  You light up the room whenever you enter. You  love clapping and waving and turning off the lights.  We love you Brielle!!!!  You are soooo beautiful!!!! 

Oh how we LOVE this little angel God sent to our home!!!  Brielle brightens each day.  She brings so much laughter into our home, so much joy, so much sweetness.  We love you Bri!!  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brielle 5 months old

Brielle you are 5 months old already!!  It’s hard to believe how fast time is flying by.  These past two weeks you got your first cold.  Even though you felt miserable, you were still a sweet angel girl!  If you were being held and loved upon you were happy.  Not as much got done around the house, but I really enjoyed being your mom, your comforter and your protector.  I love nursing you and having you hold my hand.  Brielle, there is something very special about you.  I know that you were sent straight to me (us) from the presence of our Father in Heaven.  You have a special light in your eyes.  I know that you were supposed to be in our family.  God knew that I needed you before I knew it.  I know that God sent you to me for a purpose.  When I look into your eyes, my soul feels at peace, my heart feels like it’s going to overflow with love and I feel soooooo blessed.  You have been nothing but a joy in our lives!!!  We all love you sweetheart!!

Your new accomplishments include rolling all over the place, laughing, eating solid food, ok, you’ve only tried rice cereal so far, but you love it.  You have found your voice and love to talk and talk and talk…. You make so many happy sounds!!  You love walking around in your walker, you don’t have any aim yet so many times we have to rescue you when you walk under the table.  It’s cute, you fit right under it without hitting your head and the table cloth hides you and I’ll just there you laughing and trying to talk under there.  You love holding toys and chewing on them.  You get so excited to see Daddy and the kids when they get home from school.  You LOVE to be played with and talked to.   You get up in the morning so happy and cheerful.  You love helping me wake up the kids in the morning.  You love our dog,  Daisy, she’s got your back.  She cleans up all your spit up messes.  Gross, but convenient. 

Brielle, you are a JOY!!!  We love you our Precious Angel!! 

Merry Christmas!
2012 has been another eventful year for the Laing family. 

LeGrand is in his second year serving as the Principal at the Timpview High School Seminary in Provo.  He is really enjoying the experiences he is having with the students and faculty there.  LeGrand was released from serving as bishop in April. 

We sold our old home and purchased a new one.  We’re still in Springville but just on the other side of town.  The kids had to change schools, which has been difficult for them but they have quickly found lots of great new friends.  Although the adjustment has been and continues to be difficult for us as well, we are enjoying our new ward and stake.  We are surrounded by lots of great people.  We LOVE our new Home and feel so blessed!!!!   

The best part of the year was the birth of our 5th child- a daughter whom we named Brielle.  Despite a difficult pregnancy, Becca again did an amazing job delivering yet another healthy baby.  Brielle has been an absolute joy to our family!  We love her so much!

Brayden is in 6th grade and played Tackle Football this fall.  LeGrand was his coach and they both had a blast!!  We all had tons of fun cheering for Brayden and watching him grow!  He LOVES it, just like his Dad!! 

Adelyn is in 4th grade, in the school Choir, playing Basketball and being my huge helper here at home.  She is soooo good with Brielle.  It’s been nice having a baby when we have such capable helpers!!  

Sophie is in 2nd grade and is becoming quite an artist!  She is also in love with her baby sister and is so sweet and full of happy energy.  Sophie has the best imagination ever.  She has fun and helps who ever she’s with to have fun too.

Kolby is almost 5. Wow, where has the time gone.  He’s had quite the adjustment with the hard pregnancy, moving and not being the baby anymore.  He love Brielle so much, maybe too much but has become a huge mamma’s boy.  He loves to be where I am and he totally takes care of me.  He’s such a helper, he opens the doors for me, gets things for me and even helps me up from the couch.  He’s my little buddy!!  I’ve really enjoyed this time with my Kolbs-buddy.  I’ll really miss him next year when he starts Kindergarten. 

Brielle is growing up way too fast!!  It has been incredible having her in our family!  She has all of us wrapped around her little finger.  She is laughing, rolling over and makes us smile all day long.  She is such an angel and we are grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to us!!! 

We are so blessed.  We love you and are grateful for you.
May God bless you with a wonderful 2013! 


The Laings J 
LeGrand, Becca, Brayden, Addy, Sophie, Kolby, Brielle 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brielle 4 months old

Brielle you are already 4 months old.  You are such a sweetheart, we seriously are all in love with you!!  You are getting so strong, you are rolling over now.  You've discovered your little play station.  You are still trying to get used to it, I don’t think you realize how fun it is yetJ.  You will soon enough since you are just growing up to fast!  You continue to have our whole family wrapped around your little finger.  You are a good eater/nurser.  Our only problem with that is how much you throw up.  We've never had a throw-up-er like you before.  We’re hoping you grow out of this lovely stage before too long.  That might be the only time you’ll hear me say that.  Other than this, you are growing up too fast. J  We have been trying everything to help you keep down your food better, from changing mom’s diet, to nursing for not at long.  The Dr. gave you a prescription to help with your projectile vomiting but we felt better about not giving you those and using essential oils on your little tummy.  If I rub Digest-Zen from Doterra on your tummy each time before you nurse, you don’t throw up as much.  Good news!!  I’m grateful in-spite of all the throwing up, you are still gaining and thriving!!!  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon.  It makes us worry about you.   
I love how your hair is growing in.  It reminds me of Adelyn and Sophie’s hair when they were growing in, but especially Addy’s.  Your hair just sticks straight up.  You look like a cute little dandelion with your fuzzy hair sticking up all over the place.  Even just thinking about your smile make me smile.  We  Love you Sweetheart!!   

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brielle 3 months old

3 months old!!  Wow!!! Sweetheart, You are growing up way too fast!!!  You continue to be such a joy in our lives.  Everyone one who sees you says, “Oh, she is SOOOOO Beautiful!!!”  or “That’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seenseriously!”  You turn heads everywhere you go.  You are probably the most popular person in our new ward.  I’m teaching primary and haven’t wanted you to get sick with all the germs that are passed around there, so Dad gets to take you.  The only thing is that Dad doesn’t even get you for long.  There are so many nice women in our ward that just can’t wait to get their turns with you.  Seriously, there is a waiting list.people have to call places in line just to get a squeeze on our precious angel girl!!  Everyone who gets to hold you comment to me about how fun it is to hold you, how much peace you bring to them, how there is a special spirit about you.  I agree with everything they say!!  You are the Presh-Presh!!!

You have also found your Thumb.  You little stinker J When ever we see you sucking on it, we pull it out and put your binkie in you mouththat works for a while, then I turn around again and you’ve found your thumb again.  We’ll see how long you try to pull this off.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Brielle's 2 months old

Brielle, I can't believe that you are already 2 months old. In some ways it feels like you are still so new and in others it feels like you have been in our family forever! You are such a good sleeper!  Most of the time you sleep a good 6-8 hours in a row at night, then eat and go back to bed for a few more hours!  I'm getting spoiled!  You are starting to become really smiley and fun to play with.  Your brothers and sisters can’t get enough of you.  So far you’ve acquired lots of nick namessome are “the Presh-Presh” “The Bri-Bri” “The Most Bootiful-Bootiful(the beautiful beautiful in baby talkJ) ”  “The most Beautiful Presh Presh” “The Pity Ittles”(the pretty littlesJ) I’m sure there will be more to come!!  We love you our Precious Angel Girl!!! 

Some pictures  from her 6 week photo shoot....

Some pictures from her 8 week photo shoot...

Love this girly girl!!!