Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disney on Ice--Princess Wishes

Saturday March 15th Mom and Dad Laing and Brent came to spend their spring break with us!! It was sooo fun seeing them and being with them again!! We love them so much and it's always fun to be with Nana and Papa!! The kiddos were thrilled!! Shortly after they got to our house we all piled back in the van and headed to Disney on Ice, Princess Wishes. We got tickets for Sophie's Birthday and we had an incredible time!!!

We Rode the Trax up to Salt Lake. It was sooo exciting riding on a train! I love the was Sophie was looking out the window. She could barely wait to get there!!!

Mom/Nana and Adelyn had fun sitting by eachother on the train! Mom we are so lucky to have you!! Thanks again for coming!!
Adelyn and Sophie both decided to dressed up as Cinderella (only after they changed their mind about 100 times through out the day as to which Princess they were going to be... Cinderella, Belle, Snow White...) and Brayden was Prince Charming! It was cute!

We always have so much fun together!!

Dad and Brent, We love you guys!! Thanks for being such good sports and going to see all the "Princesses"

I just had to include this one, LeGrand I think you look HOT in this picture!!

Two of my Very Handsome Boys! I love you guys, thanks for making this such a happy and special time for the girls!! You guys are awesome!
Snow White

Mickey & Minnie


Sleeping Beauty
We thought this was one of the coolest parts!! Brayden Loved it!!! Now instead of being Prince Charming, he wants to be Prince Phillip!
It's really hard to get good pictures when they are skating around and far away, but here they are...

Nana bought the kids some stuff during the intermission. Brayden picked out a Prince Phillip Sword, Adelyn picked out and Ariel doll and surprise, Sophie picked out Cinderella. Thanks a ton Mom!! They love their toys!!! They all want to sleep with them almost every night!

We thought our two Cinderella's were the most beautiful ones there!!! (and there were alot of them, practically every girl there was dressed up like a princess.)
Brayden was the only Prince that I saw that wasn't in the show, but everyone that saw him with his sisters thought it was adorable!!

These were when all the Princess and their Princes came out for the finale.

The Princesses that were there were Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella, Tinker Bell was there too. The Girls especially were in heaven, but we all had a wonderful time.

Kolby was a trooper too. He was wonderful, and didn't even cry the whole time!! We had fun passing him around!!!
We love you Papa! Adelyn you are Beautiful!!

What cute Brothers! Oh Kolby you are adorable too!!
We were all tired on the train ride home, but we still had a blast!
We had a small little miracle happen, Adelyn wanted to take her Princess purse with a bunch of the girls little princess figures inside it... well we accidently left it on the Trax. We were so sad, Sophie had just gotten a bunch of the toys for her birthday... anyways we called the lost and found and they said it hadn't been turned in (on Monday) The girls were sad, but on Tuesday they called us and said that it had just been turned in and that everything was still in it. Mom and Dad picked it up on their way to see Bryan and Helga and brought it home to us! I was so grateful that there are honest people out there!!! It makes me always want to do what's right and I want to say Thank You to all of you guys out there that are Honest! It made Adelyn and Sophies day!! Yay for Honest People!!


kelly said...

I am so glad that you got her purse and toys back. I know my kids would have been absolutely devastated! We always try to convince them not to bring anything with them because it often gets lost or left. Yay for honest people!

Bret said...

What fun! The pictures of your little princesses are adorable and Brayden makes a cute little prince. You're making such magical memories for them, what lucky kids!