Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hanging out with Mom, Dad and Brent

We had so much fun with Mom, Dad and Brent this past week. Thanks for spending your spring break with us. We just wish is was our Spring Break too. Nana and Papa were anxious to meet their 8th grandbaby! Kolby is a sweetheart and we are all in love with him.
These Pictures say it all!!

Brent you are a stud!! Our kids just love Nana and Papa. We love it when we can get together and are grateful for the love we share and the fun times we have. We are lucky to have you in our lives.

We went to the Bean Museum while Brayden was at school and when LeGrand was at work. I wish we could have all gone together, but we had to do some fun things during the day. It looked beautiful outside and we decided to have a picnic just outside of the Museum. It was colder than it looked, notice the coats!!

Brent was such a good sport, We always have fun with Brent when we are together.

Kolby is a happy baby. He is so pleasant and sweet. He loves it when Nana holds him, she has a magic touch and he loves it when Papa sings to him. He's a lucky boy to have so many people who just love him to pieces.

Family Night was fun, we had the Lesson (given by Brayden) then we went out to eat at Red Robin (Thanks Mom!!!) After Red Robin we drove out to Ikea. It was our first time going there and it was really cool. If you havn't been there you should go!!! They even have a play place for the kids.

So cute, Brayden and Papa singing the opening song for FHE.
Red Robin

Nana and Papa came with us to Adelyn's Dance class. It is fun to have them here supporting us and all of the things we are doing!!

Mom, getting Kolby to fall asleep. On Sunday he wasn't feeling very well and was more fussy than usual. She was able to get him happy and comfortable! Thanks Mom.

Nana and Papa always bring fun things for the kids. It was fun for Sophie to be able to open her b-day presents from them when we were together. Thanks for all the fun books, movies and learning toys. You guys are amazing!
It was so cute, one morning when I was getting ready Dad/Papa started playing the piano and singing with the girls. They loved it. It was so tender when I came down stairs and saw this. Thank you for sharing your love and talents with us Dad!! We love you!!

We also had fun playing games after the kids went to bed. We played Catch Phrase and Ticket to Ride. It's always fun to be together. Thanks again Mom, Dad and Brent for a wonderful time!! We love you guys!


The San Diego Mills said...

Looks like lots of fun! It's always nice to have family come and visit. Ikea is without a doubt one of the best places ever! Ryan and I usually go there a few times a year and always come out with some good stuff for cheap!

kelly said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had so much fun. I guess living here with them things like that just don't happen. We pretty much just go visit them at their house. That was really neat that they came to Adelyn's dance class and Papa sang with them, the boys would love that! I am working on my piano playing skills so I can do that with them. We sing a lot here, just without any music! I am also working on finding Micah a piano teacher that doesn't break the bank. Your family is so sweet. We really, really miss you guys, I can't say that enough. We heard about Braden's Family Home Evening lesson, Nana was very impressed.

Emily Rasmussen said...

So much fun! You kids are so lucky to have all their grandparents so involved in their lives. That is so great!