Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ice Skating as a Family

We love going Ice Skating at 7 Peaks!! This was the first year that everyone really skated!!!  It was fun to watch them either wiz by, or get the hang of it!!  Kolby and Sophie were quite creative this year!! Check out the video below!! Too cute!! 
Kolby was sooo cute with his cones!! 
Sophie liked the cones too!!
Addy was a pro!! 
Brayden was speedy!!!!
Yummy treats!!  Cute Sisters!!! 
Cute Brothers!! 
Brayden and Adelyn were cracking each other up the whole time!!  The would have races...tag...count the laps!! It was fun watching them and joining them. 
They made eachother wipe out tons too.  :)


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