Friday, August 5, 2011

Brayden's 10th Birthday

Brayden just turned 10!!  Holy Cow!!!!  
His Birthday was on Sunday, so we did some celebrations on Saturday!!  We had fun as a family at 7 peaks!!! We love our "Pass of all Passes"!!!!

Brayden wanted a BB Gun for his birthday.... We'll have to see if he got it....

AHHHHHH he was soooooo excited!!!  

We had a family shooting contest.  So fun!!

Brayden said it was the Best Birthday Ever!!!  
He also wanted the Ice Cream Birthday cake... similar to Addy and Whitney's cakes....   It's yummy and easy...  The kids just picked their 3 favorite Ice Creams, and 3 Favorite Cake Mixes....  it will make 2 cakes so it's a good thing we had two b-day so close to each other and that they wanted the same kind of ice cream and cake!  It made my job easy!! :)

Brayden also wanted to have some friends come over....he said just like Addy's birthday....Can it get easier than that?  I'm glad they are soooo easily pleased!!! 

Happy Birthday Bray-Man!!!

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Brooke Hill said...

He is getting so big!!! Happy Birthday Brayden!!!