Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Disneyland Day 3

For our last day in the parks... we decided to re ride all of our favorite rides!!!!  

Still sooooo much excitement!! 

We met up with the Lambs again in California Adventures....

We loved being at Disneyland and California Adventures!!!  It was an awesome trip filled with lots of fun memories!!!!  

After Disneyland we stayed with our friends Damon and Becky Johnson and their cute family..  We miss them, they used to live by us in Springville and now they live in California..  It was good to spend time together.  We went to the beach, it was fun even though it was chilly and windy!!! I love the Ocean!!!!  Ahhhh sand between your toes!!!!  Can it get any better than that??
Addy and Ellen
Our Beach Babe!
Sophie Star

Kolby had so much fun!!! 

He had fun even though he was freezing! 
Damon and LeGrand couldn't miss the oppertunity to throw the fooball around.
Digging in the sand.
LeGrand and Damon
Becky and Me
We stayed in Vegas on our way home for a few days....  We love Mom, Dad, Whitney and Grandma Ras!!!  
Going on walks...

My good friend Gina just had her cute baby girl!! So fun to see her!!
Going for runs and playing at the church!!

A pre Easter Egg Hunt!!!  

Such a good trip!!!  Thank you Doug and Jen, Damon and Becky and Mom and Dad!!!  We love you guys!!

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