Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Disneyland 2011- Day 1

Disneyland here we come!!! Our kiddos have wanted to go to Disneyland for years and decided to save their birthday money for 2 years to help pay for the trip.  It was a fun experience working for something, tracking it and achieving a goal as a family!!  

Here we are on our way to California!! 
 Can you tell that they are excited?!?!
 When we got to California we drove straight to Uncle Doug and Aunt Jen's house.  Grandma Larsen was there for a visit too!!  It was so fun to be with everyone!!  Thanks Doug and Jen for letting us stay with you guys!!  We love you!!!
 Sunday night we hung out with Doug and Jen and their cute family.... soooo fun!!!! 

 Kolby and Sam had so much fun together!  Can you tell?!?!?!

 This was Monday morning as we are on the tram to get into the park!!! So much excitement...and not just in the kids.  LeGrand and I were so excited too.  
Our Family at Disneyland!!!!

 Peter Pan Ride
Soooo excited (almost all the pictures Sophie is showing this much excitement!! Cute!!)  

Buzz Lightyear- One of Kolby's favorites 

 It's a Small World

Waiting in line- entertaining ourselves ;) 

 Mickey Mouses House

 Mickey Mouse

Nemo Submarine ride 

Kolby worn out!! He can fall asleep anywhere!!  

Pirates of the Carribean
 Thunder Mountain Railroad

Our Princesses meeting other Princesses. 

This is probably my favorite picture from Disneyland!!! Soooo Hilarious!!!!  

Amber and Spencer were there too and we met up with them and went on Space Mountain.  It was so fun!! I love cousins!!  
 Laying down to watch the fireworks!! 

Wiped out!!! We were there from open till 11....we were exhausted but had sooooo much fun!!!!

Say tuned for Day 2 Coming soon!!!!

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Rachel said...

What fun photos. So glad you guys got to go. You have such a beautiful family, Becca.