Sunday, August 30, 2009

California Trip June 2009

At the End of June we took a Family Vacation to Magic Mountain. I loved going to Magic Mountain while I was growing up, in fact 10 years ago when LeGrand and I started dating he met me and my family at Magic Mountain...It was at Magic Mountain riding Ninja actually when LeGrand held my had for the first time!! Lucky for me he's been holding my hand ever since. Here's a picture of that trip...I know lots has changed in 10 years!!! So here we were then....
and here we are now!!! Now we've been married for a decade, and have 4 beautiful children!!! Life couldn't get any better!!! We decided to go to Magic Mountain for Brayden and Adelyn's Birthday's this year, and as a fun celebration of our 10th Anniversary that we officially celebrated a few weeks later.

Oh how I love this man!!

There were just so many pictures that we loved from our to save you all from overexposure to too many pictures I put a bunch in collages.... Enjoy!!!
The kids had a blast!! Everyone LOVED all the rides and especially being together with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Whitney!!!
These bumper car pictures (especially the one in the middle of my Mom and Adelyn) are so fun!!!
We had so much fun together as a family. Mom and Dad, Thank you for making this trip such a memorable one!!! You guys are the Best! ***side note, I used to LOVE Roller coasters...but it's been a while since I've gone on them. Toward the end of the day, Whitney and I took off and Grandma and Grandpa and LeGrand played with the kids and we went on the BIG rides...We had so much fun!!! Not many people were there right before the park closed so we were able to go on ride after ride....I didn't even puke...even though I had a major headache at the end...In the last 20 minutes we went on 6 roller coasters...the SCREAM 3 times in a row and then the Colossus 3 times in a roll. It was fun!!! ****
Here's the whole Crew!!! What a happy family!!
We all spent the night at Uncle Doug and Aunt Jen's house, Grandma Larsen was there too!!! After we all got up and going we headed to the beach for the day!!! Oh there's nothing like the beach!!! We all LOVED it, can you tell?

Yeah for Family Trips!!!!!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

so much fun! LOVE IT!!!! Great pictures! We had so much fun seeing you this weekend. Cant wait until we can get together again!

Brooke Hill said...

Looks like you had so much fun Becca!! Love all the pics, your family is so cute

Brandi Lyn said...

Cute Becca! Seth's bleached hair cracks me up. :)