Monday, August 10, 2009

Tyler and Kelly visiting

Tyler and Kelly and their cute family came to visit us in July. They were here for Brayden's Baptism and stayed for a week. We are so glad that they did. The cousins loved playing together and we loved hanging out with Tyler & Kelly! Thank you guys for making the effort to be with us!!

Kelly and the kids conspired against Tyler one day. The kids kept him busy, tickling him, jumping on him while Kelly actually painted his toe nails.. he thought she was just clipping them. It was seriously funny because everyone knew what was happening except Tyler. Of course he was a good sport though!!! Funny!!
We had fun playing cards with Mom and Dad Ras, Whitney and Grandma Larsen too.
We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House together. It was sooo fun. Being in the temple is an incredible experience. I love taking our kids there and seeing their eyes light up when they feel the spirit.
After the Temple Open House we went up to Salt Lake and had fun in the Visitor Centers... Kelly is such a fun person to be around... she makes me laugh. If you can tell, we have a great time together.
We saw the Joseph Smith's always incredible.
LeGrand and Tyler are such good brothers.. Their brotherhood reminds me of Hyrum and Joseph.
The Church History Museum was really fun for the kiddos too...

There is a Children's section in the Museum. It was amazing. The kids had a wonderful time. I was very impressed.

Here is Kolby, showing what it really means to "BABYSIT". We all got a good laugh out of that one.
I know I've said it before, but trying to get a serious picture of these too is almost impossible. I had fun snapping shots of their silliness.
Oh I'm soooo lucky!
The roof of the Conference Center was fun too!!
Our guide suggested that we take this picture. We can be seen in the reflection..It was awesome!
The visit wouldn't be complete without games...Ticket to Ride...Settlers...Rook...It was so fun! Thanks again Tyler and Kelly. We love you guys!!

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