Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

Brayden and Adelyn have been so excited to go back to school for weeks.... Adelyn was a little nervous to go to school all day long and to eat lunch at school, but Brayden assured her that he would check on her and make sure she's ok...he's such a good big brother!! When they got home from school that day, Adelyn collapsed on the lawn and said she was exhausted...it was so cute to see her tired and worn out from a long day at school. I asked Adelyn what her favorite thing about 1st grade is and she said, "That I get to see Brayden on the Bus, during 1st Recess, Lunch and 2nd Recess then I get to ride home with him on the bus." I thought it was so cute. We told Brayden how proud we were of him for being such a good big brother and being Adelyn's Friend then he said, "Of course we're best friends....she's my Sister!!" They have loved being together so far this year. It sure makes it easier to send your little girly 1st grader on a bus and to school when she has her big brother to look after her. Oh how we love these kiddos. I'm grateful that our family is such good friends.

Brayden our 3rd Grader

Adelyn our 1st Grader

Sophie's First Day of Preschool was today!! That's why I've waited a week 2 weeks to post the other kids 1st day of school pictures...so they could all be on the same post..Well, Sophie was so excited to be able to so to school today. She was disappointed when mom had to tell her that she couldn't ride the bus...she'll have to wait till Kindergarten to do that. Before we left she was a little bit nervous, but after talking about what will happen at school and saying a little prayer, Sophie was ready. Can't you just see the excitement in her eyes? It's hard to believe that our little Sophie is old enough to go to school...but we know she'll love it and it will be soooo good for her. We love you Sophie!!
Sophie our Preschooler

We love you kiddos!!! We know that you guys will have a wonderful school year filled with lots of fun!!!


Brandi Lyn said...

How sweet!! My favorite is the picture of Brayden protecting Adylyn from the sun! That will be one of her very favorite pictures when she growns up. Your kids are so dang cute. It was fun seeing you guys this past weekend! You should just move here. :)

Brandi Lyn said...

I spelled Adelyn wrong. Sorry...darn pregnant brain.

kelly said...

Adorable! It's good to hear that Brayden is such a good big brother, we are so proud of you Bray!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Loved this post. I like to imagine that that is how it will be when Bridger and Angeli go to school together. I found out today that Bridger can go to preschool two days a week. I am so excited for him! And then next year Bridger and Angeli will be going together. Crazy how fast all these kiddos are growing up. Sophie looks so beautiful and growing up too! Just love you guys so much!