Monday, August 3, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa's house

Before EFY we were able to spend some fun time with Grandma and always we had a blast...
The Hotel
We went swimming at the Hotel LeGrand and I stayed at for EFY...If you can tell we had so much fun making towers and seeing how high we could get it. There was a family from Germany there, we were quite entertaining I'm sure. They either thought we were crazy or fun. Saturday night the kiddos stayed at the hotel with us. They loved it. Fun Memories.
24th of July Celebrations
We had so much fun celebrating the arrival for the Mormon Pioneers in the Utah Valley. The kids Loved the Parade, the Fire Truck squirting out water on everyone and the Carnival. It was fun!!!

Hoover Dam
Wow!!! That might about sum it up. The kids were in aw when they saw the Hoover Dam. Every time I've been there I'm seriously amazed. It's breathe taking. If you want to go it might be better not in July because it was Hot too. But defiantly worth it!!!

Bass Pro Shop

Who would have thought that one of the kids favorite places to go would be a sporting goods store. If you haven't ever been to the Bass Pro Shop, you defiantly need to go. We could spend hours in there....oh wait, we did.

There is a HUGE Aquarium with tons of beautiful fish...they also have a Mermaid come and feed the fish and put on a show. The kids Loved this. She was so cute with the kids too.
The Shooting Range was a "HIT" too. ;)
"For the Love"
LeGrand came down the stairs one day and saw this.....
Brayden and Adelyn are such good friends. They are playing Webkinz on the computer. They love being together. I'm grateful they are such good friends.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
LeGrand, Whitney and I went to see Harry Potter late one night. Seriously we had so much fun. I loved sitting between Whitney & LeGrand. We laughed all night long. Oh how I love these guys!!!
We had our wands ready...

Trips are always fun!!!!

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