Friday, August 14, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons were way better this year than last year. We found a swim teacher that we really like. Her name is Erin. If you are interested in her info just let me know! Anyway, we basically started the 3 week lessons with hardly any swimmers....Now we have 4 little fish.
Brayden is by far the strongest swimmer of the bunch, I wasn't really surprised, but now instead of barely doggy paddling he's swimming the Free style, elementary back stroke, the regular back stroke, the breast stroke, he's diving in, breathing to the side and has sooo much fun in the water.
Adelyn, is lots better than she started out too. She's amazing at floating, doing the superman float, she loves jumping in and can swim/doggy paddle really well even in the 9 foot part of the pool. We still have some practicing to do, but she's well on her way.
Sophie didn't want to swim at all...for those of you who know our sweet Sophie, you know that she is a very determined princess. Every lesson was filled with screaming and tears for a little bit, but she got really good at floating on her back(if I hold her with one hand) she blows bubbles out of her nose and mouth, she bobs under the water all by herself and she can swim just a little bit(ok, only if her life depended on it, but you know when you are put in the water and told to swim to the side, you don't have many's either sink or swim.) Sophie we are grateful that you choose to swim!!! We'll keep working on Sophie's swimming skills....Hopefully next year she decides that she WANTS to swim...then it will be easy!!
Kolby started out with absolutely no fear of the water....he would literally just walk right in. He soon developed a healthy fear of the water so now I really don't think he'll just jump in. He loves being in the water, splashing, swimming on mom's back, he holds his breath under the water, kicks, blows bubbles.... We need to keep working on Kolby's skills too....I wouldn't be surprised if he gets it next year!

Here they are!! Our little FISH!!! Good job you guys!! Way to Go!!

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Bowen Family said...

I love when kids learn how to swim - it makes going to the pool 100 times easier! They are all so cute! Do you guys want to come over for a BBQ soon? Let me know what your schedule is like!