Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sophie's Toe

On April 20th Sophie was trying to get some fishy crackers out of the pantry one day after Church. As she pulled the box out it also pulled a big can of progresso soup down too and the can landed right on her toe. I picked her up, and noticed that she was bleeding all over the place. I ran to the sink and tried to get it all under control while calling for LeGrand to come and help me. Thank goodness he had just got home from Bishopric meetings... I'm embarrassed to say that I started feeling queasy...LeGrand was able to trade off with me and I layed down so I wouldn't pass out. (I didn't think I'd get dizzy with a little bit of blood...who knew!!) I was sure her little toe was broken, but the next morning she woke us and just started running around. Wow, what a blessing.

It's been a long process and it's still not all the way healed. Her toe nail was cracked in half, then she lost it and now it's growing back! I'm so grateful that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!! Sophie I'm soooo sorry you got hurt, but you were a very tough little girl!!!! We love you Sweetheart!

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