Friday, May 23, 2008

The School Carnival

Westside has a Spring Carnival every year. The kids love it and totally look forward to going. We always have a blast!! This year the Brayden and Adelyn were super excited to get their hair painted...It wasn't my favorite thing ever, but they loved it!! Usually it's hot and feels like summer during the carnival, but this year it was chilly and we were really lucky that we didn't get rained on!!

Brayden you look awesome!

At first, Adelyn didn't want to get her hair sprayed, but then she saw Brayden do it and changed her mind. I'm glad that the kids don't really want blue hair.

Here is Brayden and Adelyn with Kirsten and Zachary Stitt. They are all buddies, they are in the same classes and they always have fun playing together. I'm grateful that our kids have good friends!!

Even with striped and polka dot hair you two are the cutest kiddos ever!!

Sophie loves Candace. Brandon, Candace and Holly are some of our best friends. After Sophie went down one slide, she was scared and didn't want to go down anymore unless Candace went with her. So of course Candace went down the slides with her, she carried her around, cuddled her....Talk about a good sport/friend!!! Sophie wanted to be with Candace the entire time. Thank you Candace, you always go the extra mile!!

Brayden and Adelyn were fearless!! The bigger the better. It was so much fun to see them having a blast!!

Ok, they had this "Gladiator" thingy and the kids loved it!!!! Here is Holly and Brayden about to duke it out.

Holly and Adelyn waiting in line. Isn't that cute, they are holding hands!;) Adelyn loves Holly, and totally looks up to her. Holly is so cute with the girls!! Thanks for being such a good friend and example to my little girls. They want to be just like you!!

And here we have Adelyn and Brayden.....

Brayden and Zachary Stitt.....

Sophie and Adelyn....Yeah the worker had to help Sophie, but she loved being a big girl with Addy.

I just thought this one was adorable. They were just standing their in line and I couldn't help get this picture!! I'm really a lucky mommy!!!!

Even while we were waiting in the lines, they kids had a blast.

Kathryn Stitt is such a good friend and person. I'm grateful that my kids have good friends and I'm grateful that I love their moms soooo much!! It works out perfectly!!!

I love the look on Sophie's face in this picture. She loved the bounce house especially because all the kids were in their together! I love to see my kids happy with a big smile on their faces!!!

Brayden the Macho man, and all these beautiful girls....I'm truely blessed!!

We are excited that summer is coming and that the weather is getting warmer!! I can't wait till my kids will all be home with me!! I can't wait for school to get out!! Yeah, only one more week!!


Yasmine said...

Becca. Blue hair? What's next...piercings? The things you allow...
Just kidding. Adorable!

Tara said...

The hair turned out cute! I haven't heard from Kristen yet about an extra CD and packet from the digital class so maybe I'll just burn a CD and bring the packet over and we can copy it...maybe after Memorial weekend. Oh yeah...can I copy your scone recipe again. I use it quite a bit but can't find my copy...don't know it by heart yet! Thanks dear. Have a great weekend.


Emily Rasmussen said...

Looks like so much fun. It has been raining for days here in Reno. I thought we'd go swimming this weekend...not so much. :O) My kids love bounce houses whoever made them up is on my kid's top ten list for sure. :O)

Beth said...

I probably need to get over how much I love and miss the Westside. Fun!

Kirsten said...

That is some seriously cool hair!! Looks like you guys had a great time as always!!! That is so fun that all your friends go to the same school too! I am looking forward to school being out and lax schedules AND for your arrival in Ohio!! ;-)Luv ya!

Tara said...

Thanks for the are so on top of it. What day is good this week to drop by to make copies of the digital scrapbooking pkt for you?

kelly said...

Can I have your recipe too?! I love the hair, carnivals are so much fun. Your kids are adorable, and I am very proud and happy to be their Aunt! I can't believe they can hold those big gladiator things up! I am working on my favorite pictures blog. I want to put them in a slideshow, do you know where I can make a slideshow?