Monday, May 5, 2008

Kolby at 4 months!!!

As you can tell our precious little Kolby was in desprate need of a haircut. LeGrand kept saying that we shouldn't cut his hair cause he was a baby, but I couldn't stand it any longer. I was getting tired of doing the old man comb over on my baby...So with LeGrand's OK of course I gave Kolby his 1st hair cut. Check out these before pictures...his duck tail and his long mohawk.
It was pretty cute!! But I must say...much better now!!

Kolby is a joy to have in our family!! He is sooo happy and good natured!! He is getting stronger and stronger. He is rolling over, holding his head up. He's all smiles and little laughs, he love to play with his hands and shove them or anything in his mouth. He love to blow bubbles and he tires to talk and coo at us. He kicks and wiggles a ton!! He's getting alot harder for Brayden and Adelyn to carry... but they still love being my big helpers!! At his 4 month check up he was 15 lbs 8 oz and 25 inches long. He's a big baby. I can't believe that he's already 8 lbs more than when he was born. It's hard to believe how fast he's growing and changing!! Kolby I love you and I love being your mom. Don't grow up to fast ;) I'm enjoying every minute of this!!


bretandjulie said...

What a cutie! You did a great job on the hair cut. It makes him look older. Laura just turned 11 months and Kolby has more hair than she does, not fair!

Tara said...

I feel sooooo bad I haven't seen you since you had Kolby! We need to get together soon. We'll have to get all of the kids at one of our houses with a pool and sprinklers and then maybe we can sit and visit!
Kolby is adorable!! How do you get your blog pics and words so aligned. I am still learning and the preview never looks like the finished post!! It bugs the perfectionist in me!! :)

Kip and Lindsay said...

Becca, you are wonder mom I swear. So brave to cut his hair! It looks awesome! :0) Such a cutie! He Kolby pretty mellow? He seems like such a good baby!

Emily Rasmussen said...

He's only two pounds lighter then Angi! I was just mourning that Angeli was getting heavier to carry but your post put it in perspective for me. I cant believe how much he has grown and that he is already four months old!!! I hate that I am missing all of it, but I am so glad we have blogs so I can at least be apart of it from afar!!! He is so dang cute! Really such a handsome boy!!! You and LeGrand make some super cute babies! Love you!

kelly said...

He is so cute! When Peyton was two months old I went to get her out of her crib and she was on her back (I always put her down on her tummy) I didn't know how she ended up on her back, but I assumed she didn't roll because my earliest roller was Micah at 3 months, the other 2 at 4 months. Well, now everytime she wakes up I go to get her and she is on her back! I have never seen her do it though! Also, Peyton had the same little duck tail as Kolby! It looks funny though because she has so little hair elsewhere.