Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Swing Set and Fence!!!!

Our Swing Set and Our Fence

As you can tell Our Swing Set and Fence were in desperate need of some we went to Home Depot and got all the supplies. It took about 3 weeks to get it all done since it kept raining, everything else was so busy, but after 2 full Saturday's and many more hours it's Finally Done!!! Yay!!! Thanks for working so hard on it LeGrand, and Chris and Brandon and Candace. You guys are awesome!! We really appreciate your help and friendship!! Thanks again!!!



Adelyn is adorable with all the stain splatters on her face. She worked hard, can you tell??!?!Good job Addy!!! Thanks for your help!!

Kolby like always, was such a good baby. He loved being outside and watching everything going on around him.

Chris, Brayden and Adelyn working hard. Chris, thanks again for helping all day long!! You are a stud and we are grateful for your help.

Sophie is a doll. Thanks for being our big helper. You look sooooo cute in your paint shirt!!

Adelyn got our "Worker" Award. She was amazing!!! If it wasn't painting the fence it was helping with Kolby!! Thanks Adelyn!!! What would I do without you?!?!

Brayden said that painting the fence reminded him of the movie "Karate Kid". Now he'll be even better than he was at Karate;)

LeGrand, you worked sooo hard. Thank you for always working sooo hard for our family!!! You are amazing!!


Wow!!!! Doesn't that look awesome!!!!! Yay!!!!

This was Kolby's first time in the swing!! He loved it!!! What a cutie!!!! I can't believe he's growing up sooo fast!!

I love my family!!! You guys are the BEST!!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

good job you guys!! Your pictures are so great! Every time there is a picture with Kolby in it Angeli is so ecstatic. She squeals "Baby! Baby! Baby!" She is going to love seeing you guys in a couple months. bnhkub - that was her contribution. :O)

It looks great you guys! Way to go!

kelly said...

Wow, nice job, it looks brand new. We are thinking about getting one of those. Your grass looks great too, is it new?

Christoph said...

Wow, it looks so good! Thank you again for letting me come over and help you guys with it! I had blast painting and simply spending more time with your incredible family! You guys are great! well... if you ever need help with anything, please let me know!! =) Have a great day!!

Carrie said...

OK- I want Matt to build one of those for our family! Did you do it all on your own or was it a kit from Home Depot or something? I'd love to hear so I can get Matt going!