Monday, May 19, 2008

My Dad!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!! I just wanted you to know how much I love you!! You are an amazing example to LeGrand and I and our kiddos!! Dad you have always been there for me, you were my biggest fan during all my basketball and volleyball games. You have always love me and taught me how to choose the right, and even when I made mistakes you just loved me even more. I Love you Dad and I consider myself a very lucky girl to have you as my Father!!! You are the best Grandpa and Dad we could ever ask for!! Thank you for leading our family in righteousness!!! You are our hero and we love you!! Here are some fun pictures of you that found!! You are sure one handsome guy!!
No wonder all of your grandkids are so cute!! They take after you!!
What a handsome guy!! Go Mom!! ;)

I had to throw one of you in here with your old glasses. There you were holding me!! How Precious!!

Ok I guess this is a baby theme, but here you are holding Adelyn!

Of course, I had to get one of you and Mom, since you guys make eachother look even better. Thank you for your example to me of how a husband should treat his wife and how a father should treat his kids. I'm grateful that I had your example to look up to when I was seeking my eternal companion!! I'm grateful that LeGrand treats me and our kiddos so well!! Thanks Dad!!

I had to continue with the baby holding pictures..You are definatly a pro!!! No wonder your an amazing Grandpa!!!

I love this picture of you and Mom!! Thanks for loving eachother so much!! You are an inspiration to me!!

Dad/Grandpa we love you so much!! Thanks for listening to us sing Happy Birthday to you today even though it was a little bit painful!! The kids had fun singing crazy to you!! We love you and hope you have had a great day!!


The San Diego Mills said...

It's quite cool that your dad and my husband share a birthday. The reason it's so cool is because your dad happens to be my husband's hero! He loves him!

Beth said...

I loved that picture of your mom and dad at the beach, too. Thanks for posting it.

The Gage Cage said...

Pretty impressive glasses Bishop. 8~)Got to love looking better and better as you get older! Happy Birthday! You are one of my Hero's too.

hawkins said...

Amen to everything you said Becca! I feel blessed to have had your dad as my Bishop for a while. Wish him a Happy Birthday for me!

Yasmine said...

He really is an awesome guy--hope he has a great birthday!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!

Kirsten said...

Becca-I am so excited that you did a post about Dad. I really wanted to but I think you did a much better job than I would have done and captured his wonderful spirit. We are so grateful for Dad and what a great Dad and grandfather he is. We love him to pieces! Happy Birthday Dad!

Kelly and Kimberly said...

Seriously, Garth is the best. I always loved being at your house. Your Dad was always so sweet and really fun. What an awesome family.

Maree said...

Yes, AMEN to everything, Becca! Your Dad was one of the most influential men in my life. I will forever feel blessed to have been in his ward and one of his students. He's just....AWESOME! Happy Birthday, Bishop! We love you!