Monday, May 12, 2008

Some of our Favorite pictures.

I got tagged to show our 10 Favorite Pictures, I know it's taken me a while ( Sorry Emily!) but here we finally are!!! We went through some pictures and couldn't narrow it down to 10 so I just decided to include our finalists. They aren't in any particular order, and some of the pictures are associated more with the memories but I'll explain them.

Ok, This picture was taken after our family hiked up to the top of the "Y" 2 years ago. Yes it was in the spring and the "Y" was still covered in snow. This was such a good family experience. Brayden hiked the whole way all by himself. We had a blast sitting up there, eating lunch. In this picture we were looking out over the Valley and looking at the Provo Temple! I Love it!!

This was when we were the "Incredibles" for Halloween one year! It was so fun, LeGrand was of course Mr. Incredible, I was elasta-girl, Brayden was Dash, Adelyn was Violet and Sophie was Jackie-Jack;)

I love this picture of me and my Sophie Star!

This picture shows the kiddos personalities so clearly!!! It doesn't need any explanation.

This was taken right after LeGrand and I got home from EFY in Ephraim last summer. It felt so good to be together again! We love our kiddos!!

I love this picture of our 4 cute kiddos. They are each so different and special. I'm grateful that I'm their mother. I consider them huge blessings in my life.

LeGrand was surprised when I told him that this one was one of my favorite pictures. This picture was while LeGrand was serving his mission in Fortaleza Brazil. I love how he's doing service and its awesome that he was painting the sign that says, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love it!!!

Isn't Sophie just adorable?! She was having fun swimming in the pool last summer at Grandma and Grandpa's house. My dad took this picture. In fact a lot of the pictures that are our favorite my dad has taken. Thanks for sharing your talents with us Dad. We love you!!!

This one is probably more for the memories, but it's a good picture too. This was me when I was little in the pool with Ammon and Stewart. We always had so much fun in the pool and doing fun things as a family. Thanks mom and dad for being the such good parents!!

I love how Brayden and Adelyn are such good buddies.

Brayden looks so excited here, he caught his lizard! It was awesome!

Brayden and Adelyn in this picture were pretending that they were Grandma and Grandpa!! I love it!!

Kolby looks so precious here. He's such a blessing to have in our family!!

I love this, Daddy and his little Princesses!!!

I love this picture. It totally captures Brayden's personality!!

I love my sisters. I love all of my sister-in-laws too, but Liz and Whitney are just special. I love you girls and I love this picture of us!!

This picture makes me laugh sooo hard!!! LeGrand and his siblings, (Tyler and Marcia in this picture) are so dramatic! We have a blast when we are all together. Last summer we were doing a family campfire with skits and all and this was in one of them. It was hilarious!!

This one is of LeGrand and Tyler when they were little. I love how they have been and are awesome friends!!

Now I want to see some of your favorite pictures....I tag Yasmine, Kelly and Kim!!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

so cute I love those pictures! I think that is such a fun tag. I love having moments to look back over our lives and realize how much we have to be grateful for. I love you Becca!

Kirsten said...

What beautiful fun pictures. I love all your memories and you and Dad are such wonderful photographers. I still love the one of Brayden and Addy acting like grandparents!! I think it will always be one of my very favorite too! I also love how many personalities you caught between all your family members. So cute!! Luv ya lots...we'll have to catch up as soon as you get a minute!

Toomer Family said...

What great pictures. I love looking at old pictures. They always bring back such great memories. I got my blog background from Hope you find one you like.

Yasmine said...

I love the pics of your mom back in the day--I see so much of you and your sisters in her. She really is an amazing woman--she was such a great mother not just to you but to me and all your friends too!
Your kids are so gorgeous, I'm sure you hear that a lot but it's true! I'll get right on that tag. Hope you had a great mothers day!

Pollock Palooza said...

Love looking at all the pics! Great choices, and I think the kids being old people is my favorite!

Cristy said...

Thanks for sharing! I LOVED them!!!

Tara said...

What fun pics! Your fam is amazing!

kelly said...

Ok, I'm going to do it, I promise, but it may take a bit! I love the pics you picked, nice post.

~H said...

These pictures just make me want to be there with each of you! You have such a beautiful family!! We love you guys! xoxoxoxoxoxo theres one for each of you! ;)