Friday, February 15, 2008

100 Things about Me!!!!

So I was tagged to write 100 things about me a while ago… I have been working on it and was surprised that it was really hard for me. I guess I’m not very interesting but I’m glad I did it. Hopefully my kids will enjoy it later on. This is a little embarrassing and long but enjoy!!!

100 Things about Me!!!

1. I Love taking Bubble baths!

2. I Love foot rubs with lotion! (This is probably because my dad use to rub my feet with lotion on a regular basis, especially after I had a Volleyball or Basketball game! Thanks Dad!!!)
3. When I was a Sophomore playing JV Basketball I made a basket for the other team. (Yeah I can't believe that I just admitted that to the world, since that was really one of my most embarrassing moments in my entire life, I wanted to die!)

4. I have had a crush on LeGrand since I was 12 years old. I did have other crushes too, but LeGrand was always on the top of my list, I just didn't realize I could get him! I'm grateful that I did!!!

5. I love candy, I've always liked fruity candy like Starburst and Skittles, but as of the past few years I've moved more into CHOCOLATE :)

6. I'm a list girl. LeGrand laughs at me because I always make lists. It helps me sort out all the things I need to do that are going around in my head.

7. I love to read Novels and Historical Fiction. The Twilight Series, Harry Potter, anything that Anita Stansfield wrote... I love to get into a book and read late into the night, ok I don't like it when I have to get up in the morning and get the kids ready for school, but sometimes it feels really good to just have a few hours of uninterrupted reading time, and late at night is the only time that happens.

8. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm grateful the Book of Mormon and for Joseph Smith. I'm grateful for Prophets and Apostles and Temples and that I know I can be with my family forever!!

9. Milk Chocolate with Carmel is my favorite!

10. I have the best Grandparents ever. Grandma Larsen is such a good example to me. She is constantly serving others and working in the Temple. Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen are amazing too. They hold a very special place in my heart. I have great examples to look up to of how I should live my life.

11. I love to feel appreciated. A simple Thank You goes a long way!! But it even goes farther when "Mom, Thanks for dinner." is followed with helping me clear off the table and doing the dishes together!

12. I love music. I love to have it playing in our home. Music can set the tone, it can create peace, it can be motivating, it can be romantic, it can be a good way to send messages. I find myself singing to the kids often "When my mother calls me quickly I obey" or "Here we sit like birds in the wilderness" as we are waiting for someone to come for family prayers... It's a good way to get the kids attention with out being naggy.

13. I love being a mother! Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be a Mother. I know the reason that I wanted to be a mother so much was because I had an amazing mother. Mom I'm grateful for all that you taught me, through your words and actions.

14. I am not a scary movie person!!! Scary movies affect me. Ok the only thing I like about scary movies is that I'm in LeGrand’s arms the entire time.

15. I hate hospitals. Every time I go to the hospital (besides when I have a baby) I think it smells yucky and I feel sick to my stomach. I have almost passed out several times, it's just the smell, and usually when I'm at the hospital it is to visit someone who just had a surgery or is sick or something and I don't handle it very well. In fact, a few years ago, LeGrand had a little out patient surgery and I was there with him in the recovery room while he was waking up. I think it was a combination of seeing blood, the smell and that I hadn't eaten breakfast, but I totally passed out and the nurse caught me.... LeGrand woke up from his surgery wearing an oxygen mask. He looked over and saw me also laying in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on. How embarrassing?!!?!? He was actually released before I was!

16. I love to go on dates with LeGrand. It is something I look forward to every week. (right after we have a baby it obviously isn't weekly, but it will be before too long and I' can't wait for that!)
17. I can't stand seafood. The taste, the smell, the texture....Yuck!

18. When I was little I remember hating covers on me when I would go to sleep. But now I love it. I love the feeling of cuddling up under a big blanket (like our Korea blanket) and watching a movie or just going to sleep all nice and toasty.

19. I love to take pictures. One of my favorite classes was photography.

20. When I turned 7 I found out that one of my best friends Amber Jackson had cancer. She died when I was 9. It was hard, maybe that is why I don't like hospitals.

21. I try to make everyone feel welcome in our home. We love having family stay with us when they are in town.

22. If you know me you know I'm a talker. I need to control it better at times but I love having conversations with people.

23. I love to have my home clean and organized. It isn't there all the time, but I love the feeling of waking up to a clean kitchen and a picked up house.

24. I love singing songs and reading stories to my kids before they go to sleep.

25. I love to get good deals and buy things on a killer sale, or even better gets things on a killer sale and use a coupon on top of the sale for amazing deals!!!

26. I love hand me downs!!!

27. I have always loved to scrapbook. I have decided to just scrapbook the kids baby books and professional pictures, school pictures, just the special events then blog about the rest and get our blog printed out into a book. It will be my journal, our family history... I'm excited!!

28. I love Blossoms! When we lived in Fresno, LeGrand took me to the Blossom Trail for my birthday!! I loved it. Blossoms always make me happy!! I love Spring.

29. Crock pots are a life saver for me. I love being able to throw dinner in the crock pot in the morning and have it ready at night!!! (If any of you have amazing crock pots recipes let me know!)
30. I never thought I would be, but I can be really naggy. I'm working on it and I hope that when my kids grow up they won't be able to say that they had a naggy mom.
31. I love being a member of Relief Society. I love the sisterhood I feel when I go to activities.
32. It's so sad for me when I spend a lot of time making dinner just to have nobody like it. This week I tried a new recipe and nobody liked it including me. (Of course it wasn't one of yours Kirsten. Yours are always the best!) Ahhh, That's the worst!!
33.Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite movies.

34. I love to play volleyball. We have a group in our neighborhood that gets together and plays volleyball at the church, sometimes is just girls which is fun and sometimes we bring our husbands and then it gets really fun. It is probably one of our favorite "date nights".
35. I love playing games, card games, board games you name it. Some of my favorites are Rook, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Catch Phrase... Sometimes I can be a little trash talker, so be prepared.
36. I love being the Cheerleader for everyone’s activities, LeGrand playing football, Brayden in soccer, karate, baseball, basketball, Adelyn in soccer, ballet and dance. I'm their #1 fan!!!!
37. I love my siblings ( in laws included). They are some of my dearest friends. I admire each one of them for different reasons. I'm grateful to have their examples in my life.
38. I love to make movies with our families when we get together. We always have so much fun making them, and watching them later too.
39. I don't like spiders, bugs, snakes...
40. I have a wonderful marriage. Being married to LeGrand is amazing. I'm grateful to have him for eternity. I love holding his hand, cuddling with him, talking with him, laughing with him. I'm grateful that he loves me so much and gives me his heart and his love.
41. I love it that our kids call our Family Room, the Family Home Evening Room.
42. I love visiting our families in California and Vegas!!! We always have so much fun.
43. I love how much children trust you as their parent!
44. I love how my kids come to me to kiss their owee to make it better.
45. I like country music.
46. I like to get projects done. It's such a good feeling. I'm working on doing better at this!
47. I want to learn how to quilt.48. I love making things with my hands, embroidery, sewing, scrap booking, making cards, vinyl lettering things....
49. I'm excited to serve a mission with LeGrand when we are Grandparents.
50. I have a deformed pinkie. Ok it's not that bad but the tip of it is littler than it should be. I use to be embarrassed about it, but I'm over it now. As a mom with little kids there times when it comes in handy- (picking noses, etc.=)
51. I love holding a new born baby especially when it's mine. I feel so close to my Father in Heaven as I look into it's eyes!!
52. I love to lay in bed after the kids are asleep and talk with LeGrand.
53. I like to exercise and be active. (even if I'm not always consistent at it.)
54. I love epidurals. Kolby was born totally natural and I'm grateful for that experience (I've always been curious) but I'm also grateful that I've only have had to do that one time!

55. I'm excited to be a Grandma. I'm not trying to wish away my years until then at all, but I've always thought being a Grandma will be so fun. You can spoil the kiddos, love them, play with them, and when they need to be disciplined or have a stinky diaper you can send them to one of their parents. It will be great!

56. I love being EFY Session Directors with LeGrand every summer. I loved going to EFY as a teenager but now going with LeGrand is the BEST!!! I love being with him for a week, working together, supporting each other, I love listening to him speak watching him interact with the youth. He is truly amazing and I'm grateful that I'm his wife.

57. I love to blog. I love how I'm recording our family history and keeping up with friends and family at the same time.
58. We went on lots of family trips while I was growing up! It was always fun and we created so many memories.
59. When I was 14 we went on a big Church/US History trip. We saved up money by doing a paper route, we planned it all out. We were gone about a month and camped along the way. We went to Niagara Falls, Mt Rushmore, New York, DC, the Sacred Grove, Carthage Jail, Nauvoo, Kirtland, Liberty Jail... It was incredible. I can't wait to take our family on one too.
60. I love being involved in my kids education. Teaching them, helping in their classrooms, going on fieldtrips, picking them up from school, Reading with them ....

61. I love to hear my children laughing and playing together.
62. I love to hear my kids laughing and playing with their dad. (LeGrand you are the best dad in the whole world!! Thank You!!)
63. I love all four seasons. I love winter, the holiday season, I love the snow(besides shoveling the walks)I love having our family home more and spending time just being together. I love Spring, the blossoms are incredible, it's so fun to go outside again, ride bikes, go to the park... I love Summer, going swimming, going on family trips, having our kids home and not in school. Fall is amazing too. The colors of the leaves are breath taking, it's not too hot or too cold.
64. The only times I've really not liked being short where when I was playing Volleyball and Basketball in High School. Now can someone explain to my why I choose to play two sports where height makes a big difference? Other than that I've never minded that I was short.
65. I love to sing. I was always involved in choir and other singing groups in High School. I love to sing Alto! I love singing duets or in small groups, solos still scare me.
66. I have a bad back. I've had to be really careful because I have a bulging disc in my spine. The weird thing is LeGrand has a bulging disc too and it's the same one. I'm grateful that they haven't both gone out at the same time!
67. I'm blind...not really but without my contacts in or my glasses on everything is really fuzzy. I was surprised when I first got my glasses when I was in 6th grade. I couldn't believe that I could see the individual leaves on the trees and the blades of grass. Hopefully some day I'll get lasik surgery.
68. I've been referred to as a "little girl with a big attitude". I've mellowed out quite bit but I defiantly still have a feisty side.
69. My favorite chore around the house is probably vacuuming.
70. My least favorite chores are #1 dishes and #2 cleaning the bathrooms. #1 When I clean the dishes up as I go and clean up right after we eat it's not as bad, but I can't think of anything worse that a sink full of nasty, crusty dishes. # 2 This one is self explanatory. Yuck! Again if I wipe it down every day it doesn't have a chance to get nasty. Unfortunately I haven't mastered the daily things yet.
71. I love to get new craft ideas and learn how to do them.
72. I love having "girls nights out". About once a month a bunch of friends all go out while the dads watch the kids. I'm grateful that LeGrand is so supportive and excited for me to "get out". I find that I'm happier and a better wife and mom when I have a little "girl time". I have the best friends ever. I just wish not so many of you lived far away!!!
73. I love decorating cakes. I want to be better than I am, but I'm just teaching myself and it's really fun. I loved how every year my mom would make us birthday cakes, I hope our kids like it as much as I did.
74. I have been a Consultant for "Close to my Heart" for 5 1/2 years. It was really fun, I got tons of free scrapbook and stamping stuff. It was a fun way to support my hobby. I haven’t done anything with it for a while and I'm kind of excited about not doing it anymore.
75. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters, I'm the second oldest. I love my siblings, they are all so different but are all amazing and teach me so much!!
76. I wouldn't say that I stalked LeGrand while I was growing up but I was very aware of him when ever I was by him, at church basketball of softball games, at stake dances, or stake youth activities, testimony meetings, Stake Conference and when our High Schools played each other in Football.(I probably should have been cheering for my High School more, but I couldn't help it when I would hear his name on the loud speaker. I heard it a lot cause he was REALLY Good!!) I was always impressed with how he acted, how good he was and how nice he was and of course how cute he was. When we started dating, after his mission, I was worried that because I had had him on a pedestal my whole life that I was going to be disappointed when I really got to know him. LeGrand hasn't disappointed me. He is human and not perfect but he's pretty close. I feel like one lucky girl!!!
77. I love being a stay at home mom. I don't know who ever came up with calling it that, because I don't just "stay at home." Something that confuses me is when someone finds out that I'm a "stay at home mom" they say something like, "oh so you don't work." I just have to smile and think to myself, "No, I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week." I know that the job I'm doing now is the most important thing I could be doing with my life. I love being home with my children. I love that LeGrand wants me to be home too. I know you have to sacrifice some things but the blessing far out weigh the sacrifices. I'm grateful for my mom, that she "stayed home" with us. She's still there for me, just to talk to or to come and help when we have a baby or to watch the kids... I'm grateful for the prophets council to stay home with your children.
78. I love Fly Lady. If you don't know what Fly Lady is you have to check out their website . This had really helped me feel more organized and keep my house cleaner. It's all about creating habits slowly. It's not overwhelming and I love their approach. Check it out!!!
79. I love to clip coupons. Ok that's not what I love, but with the coupons and using or I know when there is a good sale and then use the coupons too and it means getting amazing deals. Last week I went to Albertsons and spent $70.00 and saved $120.00. It was so cool!!! This is a way that I can save money and build up our food storage at the same time!!! You should try it!!;)
80. I can be a really sensitive person. That can be a good thing or a bad thing.
81. I love going out to eat. You don't have to make the meal or clean it up.
82. Some of my favorite restaurants are...The Trolley(here in Springville), Olive Garden, Cafe Rio, Red Robin, the Pita Pit...we don't go out to eat very often, but when we do I LOVE it!
83. I love going to the beach.
84. I love Yosemite, it's soo beautiful and it brings back so many memories of growing up and also LeGrand and I went to Yosemite for our Honeymoon! It's such a beautiful place.
85. I admire so many people. I hope I can become more like all my many heroes. First my Savior, I have a long way to go. Mom, you are so patient and understanding and supportive. You always has the spirit with you. Mom Laing, you know what you want to accomplish and you do it. Liz you are so talented and have a beautiful voice. Whitney, you always makes me smile and you are amazing at sports. Marcia, you make life fun. Kelly, you keep her house so clean and organized. Helga, you make sure everyone is happy. Emily, you are so fun to talk to and your so good at exercising. Kirsten, wow you do it all, I love how you do so many things, crafty things, scrapbook, play with and teach your kids... Megan you are so funny and witty. Candace, you are always thinking of others and how you can help. Beth, you always find the cutest clothes and look so cute.
86. Christmas is probably my favorite holiday, I love the spirit of Christmas, I love the lights, the decorations, how I feel close to my Savior and we are constantly reminded of his birth. I love that Kolby joined our family on Christmas morning. I hope he can always feel special and loved especially since he has to share his B-Day with Christmas.
87. I guess I love all holidays because we can be all together as a family.
88. I'm not very productive when I get overwhelmed. When there is a million things to do and I feel stressed, I kind of shut down, I usually go sit and read a book or just do something not productive at all. It sounds silly because if the problem is too many things to do, I don't think that the answer is to do nothing, but I guess that's just how I cope with it. I'll work on that.
89. I love to be home. I don't like to be over scheduled with too many activities.

90. I say "Do you know what I mean?", "Sorry" and "Like" way to often!!!!
91.I would love to learn more about interior decorating, I love it, but I wish I was better at it.
92. Since LeGrand is in the bishopric and teaches Institute on Wed nights, I've had a lot of time in the evenings all to myself. Ok that's after I get the kids in bed all by myself and get everything else done all by myself....but I've actually enjoyed just some quiet time that I can do whatever I feel like doing. On the nights that LeGrand is gone(which is usually about 3 nights a week, not counting all day on Sunday) Sometimes I Blog, Read, take a bubble bath, pick up the house, sleep, Scrapbook..... I guess I'm trying to make something good out of the time when he's gone. I do enjoy time for myself.
93. I like to sew, I don’t do it as often as I should but we have had fun especially making Halloween Costumes. We have been a theme for most of our Halloweens. We have been Peter Pan, Snow White, the Incredibles… it’s been fun!! 94. Physically I wish I was 15-20 lbs lighter, I wish my hair wasn’t so thin, I wish my cheeks weren’t so big, I wish my butt was littler and my tummy was flatter….A lot of that comes with just having a baby so hopefully I’ll be able to fix some of that. But I am happy with myself.
95. I love getting flowers. LeGrand is so cute, now when he takes the kids to the store they come home with flowers for mom quite often. The day before Kolby was born (Christmas Eve) they all ran to the store and came home with flowers for me. It was just what I needed. It was fun to come home from the hospital with a new baby to fresh flowers on the table from my sweet family.
96. I’m not a big shopper, unless it’s on a good deal. So that would probably explain why I could spend more money at a store on the CLEARANCE racks, or at DI or at Wal-Mart than just going to the mall. I think if I had an endless supply of money I would be quite the shopper.
97. Sometimes I feel claustrophobic when I’m driving next to semi’s on the Freeway. Especially if we are on a windy part or on a bridge… Ahh!!
98. I love the way I feel inside when I serve others.
99. I love to make sure that the people around me are happy.
100. Before we had caller id, it use to bug me to just let the phone ring and not answer it. I know that’s weird but it would drive me nuts just to hear the phone ringing and ringing!!

Ok this was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I’m glad that it gave me the change to sit and reflect and think about me. You should try it!!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

The thing that I think I liked most about this was how much I realized I already know you. Everything I read I thought yep, that is Becca! I love you and think the world of you and your sweet family. And one thing you left out is that you make being a mom look so easy. Some people you feel their stress and worry so much that at times I find it depressing but you...never! I am sure you worry and stress but I think you have things in the right perspective and thus you always have things under control and don't over stress things. I think that is an amazing talent which makes being your sister and friend so refreshing. I cant say it enough you really make being a mom look so easy and fun!

Becca said...

Well I'm glad I have you fooled Emily!;) Thanks you always make me feel good. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

That was a fun read! How lucky that you and Legrand get to do EFY as adults! This blogging thing is way to much fun! I think it is so good that you've learned that having a busy church serving husband is a really good thing. I'm sure having a busy church serving father (with a great example for a mother) helped you learn that lesson before it was ever a struggle. You're not only extra beautiful, but I can tell you're a person that makes people around you feel good!!!

Beth said...

You pick your kids noses?...Often? I try to teach my kids not to do that, but Clara ALWAYS has her finger up her nose, and Joel is obsessed with boogers and keeping nasal passages clear. Just last night as he was passing on more booger wisdom to the kids he said, "I could teach a whole college course on nose-picking." And, he really could. Don't tell him I told you that, because I'll get in trouble. But, it's funny, right?

Kirsten said...

I loved reading this!! We are so much alike I love it...except when it comes to spending. But I am doing better...I just want you to teach me about the coupon thing again. A Walgreens went up two blocks away a couple of months ago. This was really fun reading all about you and getting to know you even more. I love all the cute pictures of you and you can tell that you really do love being a wife and mom and you do such a great job of doing it well. Thanks for doing this. I wish everyone would because I love knowing more about your favorite candies are chocolate and caramel...I'll keep that in mind!! ;) Luv ya lots and lots!

Yasmine said...

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favs too. Whenever Jason is gone I put it on and scrapbook. I'm glad you wrote all makes me feel like I'm not missing as much of your life as I actually am! I do have one question...when do you sleep?!

kelly said...

ok, I copied and saved this so I can do my own, not sure when I'll get to it, I rarely get uninterrupted time on the computer. Right now I'm holding Peyton and typing with one hand, I'm not gonna tackle 100 things one handed! Loved yours, thanks.

..Kris Naven.. said...

Hi I am Kris one of Cristy's friends, I look at yours and your sister in law's page from time to time. You have a beautiful family!Oh my goodness! This is so cute! Would you email me the questions cause I would love to do this too! Thanks so much!

Love Always,