Saturday, February 2, 2008

Toddlers making Messes!

I've been tagged so here goes. We have had at least one toddler in our home since Brayden was one, but honestly they really have not made big messes except for the usual getting all the toys out of the toy box type messes, or the occasional books off the book shelf or the whole roll of toilet paper pulled off and dragged down the hall, and that has only happend a few times... I'm lucky that none of them really get into things that they shouldn't. I don't have any sharpie marker stories, or paint all over the floor stories. If I did this post would be much more interesting!! Sorry :)
Anyway, here is two of my favorite pictures of Adelyn. This was when Adelyn was 19 months old. She was having a little too much fun in Grandma's cupboards!! Oh how can you get frusterated at the mess when she lookes this cute!?!?!?! Emily your post was way better than mine. I loved it!!! I'm sure there are tons of funny stories and pictures of Toddlers making messes out there, so if you have toddlers consider your self tagged ;)


Emily Rasmussen said...

those pictures of Addy are so cute. Its fun to see her so little! You must be a super mom if your kids don't make huge messes! My Bridger seems to have a great talent for it or I must leave out too many temptations for him! - - -it probably a mixture of the two!

Becca said...

Oh I'm not a super mom, but I do try to keep things out of reach... I kids are just born different too. You are a super mom Emily!!!

Pollock Palooza said...

Love it! Love the expression!

Becca said...

oh my gosh, I cant handle those pictures of addy! she is soo cute!

you are so adorable becca. I totally miss you :(