Monday, February 11, 2008

Daddy "Will you marry me?"

Dress up and make believe are almost constant activities at our house. Adelyn and Sophie are usually the Princesses or the Mommy's. They are always looking for a "Honey". While LeGrand and Brayden are at school, and Kolby's too little to be the "Honey" I get stuck being Prince Charming quite often. ;) When LeGrand and Brayden are home they take over my role. Usually we hear Sophie say, "Will you be my Honey". I swear I hear that phrase 50 times a day. It's so cute. Last week LeGrand and I were in the kitchen, cleaning up dinner and Sophie ran up to us and said, "Daddy, will you marry me?" It was the first time she had said that and not her usual, "will you be my honey?" There was one of our little princesses dressed up like a little princess. She was so serious and sweet that it just melted our hearts right then and there. Of course LeGrand couldn't turn down the request and off my husband went to marry a beautiful princess.... What a good Dad and cute kiddos!!!

Sophie Loves to dress up and be Cinderella. She has always loved the color Blue and so Cinderella is the perfect princess for Sophie!

Adelyn and Sophie are the prettiest princesses ever. I see them all dressed us every day!! It's so much fun have a sister. I'm grateful that they are best friends.

For Halloween, Adelyn told me that she wanted to be Jack Sparrow. I was surprised because she is very "girly", but Jack Sparrow was fine with me. As I was getting Sophie all dolled up to be Cinderella, Adelyn walked in and told me that she had changed her mind. She wanted to be a princess too. She was a beautiful princess!!

Brayden is a good sport. Here he is being the most handsome Prince Charming ever!!!

As you see, these outfits are part of our daily attire.

The kids don't always dress up as princes and princesses. Here they are being silly acting like Grandma's and Grandpa's. Oh course all of their real Grandparents have much better taste in clothes. ;)

For Christmas Santa brought these outfits for the kids. Brayden wanted a Football dress up, with pads and all, soooo bad!!! Adelyn told Santa she wanted a "modest" cheerleader outfit. Aren't they the cutest kids ever. I'm sure it won't be too long before Kolby joins in on the fun.


Kirsten said...

The Grandma and Grandpa picture is to die for!!! I LOVE IT!!! I have been capturing the kids playing too. It is so fun to see their imaginations and get a glimpse into their world. You have such cute kids and I love seeing them more on here!! ;) It was fun talking today BTW!

Becca said...

Hey Kirsten, it's LeGrand. Becca and I are not down with all of the hip acronyms so we've been trying to figure out what "BTW" stands for. Here are some of our thoughts; let us know if any of them are correct:
"Back To Work"
"Big Tough Walrus"
"Blow the Whistle"
"Bust To Win"
"Bring Two Waffles"
"Better Than Writing"
"Before the Whining"
"Blasting Tiny Wimps"

Beth said...

i thought it meant 'by the way'

Emily Rasmussen said...

That was such a fun blog. I adore and miss your kids so much! I hate that in a couple years they might not know me as well as they did. But they will always be close to my heart no matter how far away we live! :o) Make sure you tell them how much I love them and give them kisses from their aunt Emily,Uncle Stew, and Cousins Bridger and Angeli

PS Stew told me once what "BTW" was but I have no idea now. It think the Laings and I have no idea what it means because we don't text or something, but its definitely not because we aren't hip!!! :o)- so Kirsten you better enlighten me too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Becca,

I saw your blog on Kirtens side bar. You might not remember me much. I'm Krista Gage (Paul's wife, Julie's sister-in-law) It's fun to see how you're doing. You look great!Your family is beautiful! Your girls such dolls!! They look just like their eye candy of a Mom.

Yasmine said...

Your girls are ADORABLE!
Someday I'll have a girl who will want to play dress up....hopefully.
Hunter has a fit if I want him to wear a hat or sunglasses. He has fun picking out his underwear though...
And I THINK BTW is "By the Way". If not, I have been seriously misinterpreting some of my emails.

Becca said...

Uhm, so I LOVE the grandma/grandpa picture. Your kids are FAR too cute :) I MISS them!! They probably don't even remember me :( Sad.

Oh, and I have to tell you a funny "btw" story. For like a solid year, I thought that when people were saying that to me, they were just doing my initials (Becca Terese Warthen). Like, how you doin' btw? I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then I realized that it was actually "by the way" and I felt jipped :(

I miss you guys!

Kirsten said...

Hahaha!! Yes it the way...but I love the creative acronyms. very cool...Guess what this one is...ROTFL! Good luck!
oh and BTW I love the "blasting tiny wimps. Very ingenious of you. Becca I love blasting tiny wimps with you and LeGrand, you are a tiny wimp! Just kidding guys. Boy do we miss you!!! :) Have a great one!

Kelly and Kimberly said...

Such great pictures. You guys are awesome.