Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Weekend with the Ras's

Dad Ras and Liz came up last weekend and we had a blast. They came up for the BYU vs. UNLV Basketball game and we were happy to spend time with them too.

We all love Grandpa!! He's the Best!!! The kids think that jumping off the stairs at Great Grandma and Grandpa Ras's house is so fun. The cool thing is that we(my siblings & cousins) use to do that when we were little. It was great until you got too tall and hit your head on the corner of the ceiling (huh Joel;)) ok I never had that problem, but I felt bad for those who did.

Grandpa was there cheering them on. It's so fun to see my dad playing with my kids. Dad your the best!!! Thanks for being incredible!!!

Ok, now we are watching the basketball game at the Ras's house. Adelyn was so cute, she asked me at the beginning who Aunt Liz was cheering for and I told her UNLV, so during the whole game every time Brayden yelled, "Go BYU!!" Addy would follow it with a loud, "Go UNLV!!" It was really cute.

Adelyn is such a good big sister. She adores Kolby!! Man look at those cheeks, I don't think we are feeding him enough!;)
LeGrand looks so natural with a baby in his arms, or kids on his shoulders or on his lap. I'm grateful that he is such an amazing father. We are lucky to have him as the head of our home.

Sophie loves being a BIG girl and holding Kolby ALL BY HERSELF!!!!Sometimes he doesn't look very comfortable though. I was trying to tell her to hold him so that his head was up and not slouched forward..... So now here she is trying to help Kolby look up at the camera.

Here's our Cougar Fan!! Go Cougars!! (LeGrand didn't have anything to do with his son becoming a cougar fan, I'll take all the credit for that;))

Cute Picture, Kolby is saying HI! ;) This was Kolby's first Sunday going to 3 hours of church. He was wonderful, and now we are just hopeing that he can stay healthy. So Sunday after church we went up to the Ras's house again and had dinner and played games, Meridee and Lind and Cam, Joel & Beth and their kids, and Megan & Dan and Maggie were there along with Dad Ras, Liz, Chris and Paul. We had a blast!!
When Liz gets home from her mission Kolby will be running around everywhere. He will be almost 2. That's kindof crazy to think about!!

Megan, Dan and Maggie. What a cute Family!!
Megan and I have always been best Cousins and Friends. I love you Megs!!
Adelyn found a new friend in Cam this weekend.
You can't go to Grandma and Grandpa's house and not pull out the wigs! Adelyn you look beautiful and Chris your quite dashing;)
The stinky thing about this picture is that if you knew that one of us was pregnant you could totally think it's me. Beth you are beautiful!!!
The Cousins have so much fun when we get together, the only thing that would make it better would be to have all of the cousins together! We miss you Ethan, Brynlee, Hailey, Karli, Bridger, Angeli and Nicole!!
You've got to love Asher's Face. What cute kiddos!!!
Ok so Liz and Dad flew to Utah with Chris's dad. We went to the airport to see them off, the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever to see the Noorda's plane.
The kids keep talking about the airplane. It was fun to see them off. (Liz was even able to fly the plane on the way home, Lucky;))


Emily Rasmussen said...

I am so jealous!!!!!! I wish we were there too! Maybe a residency in Utah is the way we'll go. ;o) Okay, so where do I even start...Kolby is the cutest baby ever (well next to my own of course! :). I love the pictures with Sophie. And I think little boy outfits are as cute if not cuter then girls. So dang cute! I better stop looking at those pictures or we might be having an announcement to be making soon. :o) I wish we were able to hang out with you guys. Bridger would have loved seeing the plan too! How cool for them. Chris and Liz are so cute together. Well, I better stop there or else I will be fined for using the word 'cute' to many times! And perhaps you might consider stopping the blogging about family events so Kirsten and I don't feel too sorry for ourselves. :o) Anyways, way fun stuff, adorable kids, and so many meaningful memories for you guys! We love you!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Opps... I meant "plane" not plan :o)

Kelly and Kimberly said...

That looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Your Dad is so sweet. I wonder if the Noorda's you were with are related to Brian Noorda. He was in Kelly's ward his freshman year and again while we were dating at BYU. Kelly says he's from the Las Vegas area, so I thought I'd ask. Anyway, you look great Becca and your kids are so cute.

Dan said...

Thanks for sharing all those cute pictures. What a fun weekend!

Becca said...

Yeah Kim, Chris has an older brother named Bryan. Isn't it a small world.

Beth said...

Shut up, Becca. The last time we saw you, on the way home both Joel and I couldn't believe you're that skinny after having your baby. Is it because you had to do the diabetic diet? I'm not really interested in DOING the diet, per se, but I am glad for you that you've had such great post-partum success...wish me luck, as well. :) P.S. Thanks for being so nice to me all the time. I feel like I know when people are sincere or not, and it means a lot to me to feel welcomed into the Rass family.