Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The sport of Brayden's Life....

Brayden just finished his Basketball Season. I've never seen him have so much fun doing something. He LOVES basketball. Every chance he gets he's playing. He takes his ball to school, he sleeps with it, he's out shooting hoops every chance he gets. He's bummed that the season is already over. I think if it went year round he would be happy with that! He's a little baller!! LeGrand loved coaching him. He always does, but he said that this was the funnest coaching experience he's ever had. That's saying a lot!! I'm sure we will have years and years of cheering at basketball games for our Bray Man!!
Here is a cute video that I got of one of Brayden's layups. What a cute little player!!

For homework the other day, Brayden had to write a short story....I don't know if you can read it, but this is what it says.


One Day I signed up for Basketball. I have played through all of my basketball games and in just a minute it will be my last Basketball game. I am really sad but I know that I did my best and had fun playing the sport of my life.

The End

He summed it up pretty good. I am glad that he had fun, that he did his best and did good. He's already excited for next Basketball season.......


Kirsten said...

How cute he is!!!! Brayden I remember when you weren't even two years old and you would come over to our apartment and shoot basket after basket. You did such a great job and made the basket everytime. I was shocked!!! I loved to baby sit you and watch you with our hoop!!! You are growing up tooooooo fast. It makes me sad!! You are such a cute ball player, oops I meant manly and handsome! Luv you guys!!!

kelly said...

That is seriously awesome and impressive. I bet LeGrand is loving having a sports enthusiest. Here they can't play until 5th grade.