Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Adelyn and Sophie has so much fun in Gymnastics this year. This will be the last time for a few years that they will be in the same class. It makes it nice for us when they can go together and they love it. I'm glad they have been able to share this time together.

Sophie was sooo cute. She loved getting dressed up and going to gymnastics. She is coming out of her "shy" shell more and more. She did everything that her teachers asked her to do and had fun. It's so good to see her being her sweet happy self in public!!

Adelyn really took of this time. She is a really good. I was a little surprised at the talent that she showed. She was the oldest one in this class, but was by far the best. Every time it was her turn to do something they made it more advanced for her. She loved it. It was fun to see her excel and have fun at the same time!!

This picture actually makes me laugh out loud. I looked over and saw Sophie. She looked so bored waiting for her turn, I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.

Then as soon as she realized I had the camera out she gave me one of her Glamorous smiles. Oh how I love this sweet little angel of mine. We had fun cheering for our girls. We love you Adelyn and Sophie!! Good Job!!

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Melanie said...

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