Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dodge Ball Tournament

What grown men that you know would be really excited in participating in a High School Dodge Ball Tournament? I know a bunch of them. LeGrand and the rest of the Seminary Teachers at Springville and a few other friends decided to raise to the occasion and try to take everyone out in a Dodge Ball Tournament held at Springville High School. It was actually really fun to watch. They did good and took 3rd place. It was fun to see them out there having fun acting like teenagers again. They had a good cheering section. LeGrand loves all the guys he works with. I'm grateful that he's surrounded by amazing people. You can't really see but they had black lines under their eyes, their white shirts were torn and some had ties around their heads.....I didn't realize that a group of Seminary teachers could ever look so mean....Go Dad!!!! We love you!!!!!

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