Friday, February 12, 2010


We love to go sledding.  We could go all day or just for an hour and it would be fun.  If we don't do fun things in this snow, I'll get sick of it really fast.  Sledding is one of those things that make all this snow totally worth it. 
Kolby is a little dare devil.  He wants to be so grown up and he's not scared at all about going down the hill all by himself.  He even gets up, picks up his disk and heads back up the hill.  It's so fun to watch.  He's growing up so fast!
I didn't get very many pictures of Brayden in action since he was so fearless and fast it was hard to catch him.  He really loves sledding.  Sometime it's makes me a little nervous cause he goes so fast, but he's tough and he loves it.  Way to go Brayden. 
Adelyn and Sophie love it too.  They would rather go from about half way down the hill, at least they did today because the snow was really slick and you really got going fast down this beauty.  I don't blame them.  I went down once from the top and it was fun but I guess I'm a little chicken cause that once was enough for me.
Adelyn said that I hardly ever put video's on our blog, so these are for her.


Kirsten said...

It's been so fun catching up with all your blog posts. You go girl!!! I had to laugh when yesterday I was uploading pictures to our blog, and while I was waiting went over to check yours and you had a post about sledding. That was exactly the pics I was uploading!!! You are I sometimes are twins separated at birth!!! :-D I love it.

The kids are darling and they need to stop growing before I see them this summer...I can't believe by then it will almost be two years. Crazy. Luv you tons!! Keep up the are I are almost caught all up!! Hooray for our goal!!

Yasmine said...

I'm jealous. Can you send us some of that snow so we can go sledding?

My brother in law is getting married in Bountiful in May so it looks like we'll be taking a road trip down your way. It would be great to see you-- I'll let you know details when it gets closer!