Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jazz Games

Last night, LeGrand took Brayden to the Utah Jazz Basketball game. Brayden woke up in the morning sooooo excited for the BIG Day!!! I took these pictures before they left.
The kids were all so excited, and wanted to do funny face pictures with dad before they big boys took off. (While they were gone we had a girl +Kolby party! We did pedicures and manicures and had a blast.)
A big group of guys from our neighborhood and ward all went together... I was a little bummed because this is the only group shot and half of the guys were missing....Oh well, I'm just impressed that LeGrand took the camera and did a good job taking pictures!! We have so many good dear friends. I'm glad that LeGrand and Brayden were able to go!!! What fun father and son memories. Brayden was excited that the Jazz was playing the Lakers, they are his two favorite teams.... It's to bad that the Jazz got whooped... so much for their 8 game winning streak.

Before the game, LeGrand took Brayden down to the floor and one of the security ladies took Bradyen and Zack over to where they could give all the players high fives as they were coming out of the tunnel. Brayden thought it was the coolest thing ever!! LeGrand even got it on video!! Soooo cute!!

It was fun that all these dad's wanted to take their boys with them. Brayden had lots of fun with Zach Stitt, Travis Hartman and Peter Douglas.

Brayden said that from their seats the players looked like ants... he described it accurately but he still had lots of fun!

LeGrand and Brayden are so cute!! I love my 2 big boys!!! Before you know it Kolby will be there with them too. It's hard to believe!!


In January Nathan Stitt took LeGrand to another Jazz game, it was for LeGrand's birthday.. LeGrand was soooo excited. They sat in the 4th row!!!! They had a blast!!

Go Jazz!!!

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Emily Rasmussen said...

how cute! I love those father son things!