Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brayden's end of the year stuff....

Brayden's 3rd Grade End of the Year Program
It's hard to believe that Brayden has finished 3rd grade! He had a wonderful year, he loved his teacher, had fun playing Basketball every day at recess, he's become a wonderful reader and a very responsible student. He even decided to get his homework and piano practicing done fast so that he could go out and play basketball faster. It's all about Leverage!!! Seriously it works!!!

Kolby and Sophie were Brayden's little cheering section!!!
3rd Grade Hershey Track Meet
Brayden had fun participating in the Hershey Track Meet this year....
Here's Brayden waiting for his turn and cheering on his classmates...
Kolby and Sophie sure do look up to Brayden!!! When I saw this picture, I laughed out loud!! Despite the expressions on Sophie's face in this picture they really did have a good time....they loved running down the hill....over and over again...Most of the day was filled with smiles.
The Events.....Go Brayden!!!
the Long JumpWay to Go Mr. Bray man!! We love you!!!

Last Day of School!!!
Having fun signing their 3rd grade year book.
Rielly and Brayden
Brayden and CalebBrayden and Mrs. Bradford! Can't you tell that Brayden just loved her. We felt so blessed to have such good teachers for our kiddos. 3rd grade was GREAT, and 4th grade will be even better!!!! WOW!!!


kelly said...

You guys sure have some cute teachers in Utah!

Kirsten said...

He is growing up so fast! I can't believe how tall and much older he is looking now!! Fourth grade!??! What?!??! Becca...where is the time going!? Brayden we love you and are so proud of you!!!