Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Trip to Vegas

LeGrand and his Seminary Faculty went on a boys trip to Nauvoo, since he left the kids and I drove down to Vegas! We Missed him tons, but had fun!!!!

Wedding dress shopping....

Whitney's 16th birthday!! Dad took Whitney on her first date! It was soooo cute... then David Luce came and picked her up for her second date a little while later. It was fun to be there for the first dated experience. It was quite an experience.. Needless to say Liz and I learned the hard way not to spy on our little sister on the porch with her date.... since she knew we were there and opened the door quickly and we got stuck behind the door and the mirror... so funny and embarrassing!! Fun times!!

For Whitneys birthday we celebrated with In-N-Out and going to the park to play! It was fun. I love Mom, Dad, Whit, Liz and Nathan so much!!

We were hot after the park so we ran home and jumped in the pool... I love Nathan's face in this picture.... so funny!

Celebrating with MaryAnne and the kids too. Happy Birthday Whitney!! I love you sooooo much!

We were so excited to be able to pick LeGrand up from the airport!! It was hard to contain our excitement.

Now with LeGrand here with us it felt complete!! AHHH this is how it's meant to be!!


Games Nights

More Swimming!!!

Summer days are amazing!!

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