Friday, June 11, 2010

Adelyn's end of year stuff

It's hard to believe that this School year is already over...Wow, Adelyn will be in 2nd grade now... crazy!!! The end of the year was crammed pack with tons of events and are some of them...

Grandparents Day

Our camera started acting up with was a bummer since I didn't get hardly any good pictures. Adelyn had letters from her Grandparents that don't live close and we was lucky to be able to have Great Grandpa Rasmussen and Great Grandma Larsen come with her to school. We are so lucky to have so many grandparents whom we love and admire. Thanks everyone for your love and support. Adelyn had a fun day!!

Miss Miller's class Presents...
The 3 Billy Goats Gruff
Starring Adelyn as the Little Billy Goat!!
The timing of the program was fun because Grandma and Grandpa, Liz and Whitney were up for a visit so Adelyn had quite the crowd! She did such a good job!!! The kids did the scenery and the costumes... They did so good. It was fun.
1st Grade Award Ceremony's
A few times through the year they had an Award Ceremony for the 1st graders.... Adelyn got recognized 2 times. She is an Ideal student who is very responsible and organized...Miss Miller said that she has LOVED being Adelyn's teacher!Show and Tell
For Show and Tell, Adelyn brought her my Twin Doll...She was really excited to dress like twinners with her doll. She looked adorable and everyone thought it was fun!! 1st Grade Authors Night
Adelyn has been working on writing lots of stories...they had a 1st Grade Authors night where they put on a little program and shared all their stories with us...Adelyn is so beautiful and smart. We are grateful that Adelyn had such a good teacher. Adelyn really loves Miss Miller!! Thanks for the wonderful 1st grade year!! It's hard to believe that Addy's already heading into 2nd grade!!! She's definitely ready. 2nd Grade, here we come!


~H said...

So fun!! Wow I can not believe it!! There is no way she is already that old!?!? really it's like she'll be in high school tomorrow and Bray will be on his mission! Where does the time go? Seriously!

kelly said...

Wow, she is really looking very grown up! I wish I could have seen her in the play, I bet she was a great little goat;)

Laura said...

Oh my gosh...she is just too cute!

Marci Porter said...

All your kids are growing up so fast! Small world too... Miss Miller was in my ward when I lived in Provo!!! I LOVE her! :) So fun she was Adelyn's teacher!