Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adelyn's 7th Birthday

We had so much fun on Adelyn's 7th birthday!  Aunt Whitney was here and we had a blast being together!
The kids have all been asking for "Pillow Pets" and it was so cute because they knew that 2 of the 4 birthdays were coming up.  Adelyn asked for a Pillow Pet for herself and one for Sophie. I loved that she totally thought of her sister.  There was one BIG present....it said to Brayden, Adelyn, Sophie and Kolby...I wonder what it was.

Pillow Pets!!

They were so excited! 
Oh, We LOVE Whitney!!
We went to the park and picked dad up from work so we could enjoy the time together! 

Adelyn wanted a Belle Cake.... here it is....

We ended the night all sleeping on the tramp!!  Oh what fun!
Adelyn is such a big girl!!  She is diligent at reading her scriptures.  She's such a good example to all of us! 

We Love you Adelyn!!

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