Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

The kids and I made this video for LeGrand for Father's Day!! (Thanks for the idea Brandon and Tina!!) LeGrand loved it!!! I seriously feel blessed to have such a loving, understanding, faithful, handsome man as my eternal companion and the father of our children!!! Thank you LeGrand for all you do for us!! We love you Honey!!!

Here is a different version for you Papa Laing!! We love you!! Happy Father's Day!!

Here is another version for you Grandpa Ras!!!! We Love you too!!! Happy Father's Day!!!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such incredible fathers and examples!! We love you guys!!


Shaylin said...

k so this might freak you out.. i actually dont know how i came across this blog.. but Bother Laing taught me seminary this year. Tell him hi from Shaylin Crandall! You have the CUTESSSSST kids! you guys are adorable!

Kirsten said...

Becca this has to be the most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! You are so thoughtful and definately creative. What an amazing, cute job you did and I know all three Dads will treasure this always. What a cute, cute idea!! You must have worked so hard and the kids' poses were so different and creative! We should do something like this for Liz's birthday with the all the cousins when they are here. Maybe you could get a couple letters with Bridger and Angeli when they are visiting and Mom could get a couple with Nicole and some letters and we'll make her a picture book to send her. I bet she would love it! What do you think? I love this idea Becca. I miss ya tons and have been thinking about you a lot lately! Only a couple more weeks!!!!! EEEE...I can't wait!

kelly said...

Amazing, I love it. I'm kinda glad I don't know how to do it, it would just be another thing! Maybe you can show me sometime!!!

Pollock Palooza said...

Hey Crafty, crafty! That was soooo cute! Okay what's funny to me is that you know the Toomer's! And then I have to remember that they were from Fresno. Justin and I lived in Visalia for a year which is where we met them and now they're in Bakersfield (where we lived 2 years RIGHT after we were marreid). And now Heidi teaches one of my Bakersfield piano students... it's just such a small world in the church. Anyway love the slide show and your SUPER cute fam:)

The Gage Cage said...

Love that arrangement on your video's! I have yet to make a slide show. Maybe some day...until then I just hope I can be as cool as you.=)