Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brayden's 1st grade program and Authors Night

It's hard to believe that Brayden just finished 1st grade!! Rachel Wigginton was Brayden's teacher this year and she was fabulous!!! We all loved her, especially Brayden. Before he left for school on the last day he was acting sad, I asked him what was wrong and asked him if he was going to miss his friends, he said no, that he was going to miss Mrs. Wigginton!! I'm so glad he had and amazing teacher!!!

These pictures were taken at Brayden's 1st grade program and Authors night. What a handsome son we have!!!! Thanks for being so awesome Brayden!! We are proud of you for doing sooooo good in school this year!!!

I'm grateful that I was friends with Brayden's teacher too. I really enjoyed helping in the class and going on field trips this year!!
At Authors night Brayden read us 3 stories that he had written. They were awesome!! He is so creative and such good BIG writer and Illustrator!!!
Brayden was so excited to share his stories with us!! I love to see our children excited about learning!!!
Brayden and Kirsten Stitt got the "Homework" Award. Mrs. Wiggington said that they did the best job on their homework, they always had it done and turned in every single day. I think this award could also go to Kathryn Stitt and I for helping with the hours and hours of homework...Just Kidding!!! Kind of!!!!

Here is one of the songs Brayden sang in his program!! He did a great job. Sorry the video is alittle bumpy, but Sophie was crawling all over me and it was hard to keep it still....


Jed and Leona said...

your kids are sooo cute. it's great that they love school so much and how much you are involved with their schooling!

if you're still interested in digital scrapbooking, i found a cool website that lets you download free stuff...
(there are tons more out there but this is a good start!)

Emily Rasmussen said...

Congrats Brayden! You are growing and learning so much! Make sure to give your mommy a big hug for helping you so much in school. ;) Way to go Bray!