Monday, June 2, 2008

Adelyn's Pre School Graduation

Wow, I can't believe that Adelyn has already graduated from Pre School. This year Adelyn has LOVED going to school. She as become more Social, Friendly and Outgoing which was a big step for her. Adelyn has always been a smart girl but she has been very shy as well...I'm so glad that she loved going to school, making new friends, learning new things, coloring, doing homework...she loved it all. I was so impressed with her excitement about learning...Adelyn was first one in her class to pass off all the upper and lower case letters in the alphabet, she writes her name perfectly, ADELYN and LAING. She knows how to spell all the members names in our family and loves writing us love notes. (In fact, she hid one under my pillow that is waiting for me tonight.) It's an exciting thing when she had homework to do and she diligently does it and it always looks beautiful!!! I know Adelyn will love Kindergarten... I just can't believe that she's almost 5.....I love you Adelyn, I enjoyed going on all your field trips with you and helping in your class!! You are amazing!! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter!!
Doesn't she look so grown up??!?!? and Beautiful??!?!?!

We love you Adelyn!! Good job, you are AWESOME!!! (Your Cheering Squad!!)

Adelyn you are such a grown up girl!! You are my big Kindergartener now!!!!
Here Adelyn is with Miss Mary and Mrs. Stewart!! They were the best teachers ever!! Adelyn adored them and they adored her, can you tell?!?!

We are sooooo proud of you Adelyn!!!
This is when she officially got her diploma!!! What fun!!! Thanks Miss Mary for all that you do!! I'm so grateful that Adelyn had a good experience and amazing teachers!!!


Kirsten said...

I actually can't believe how grown up ALL the kids are getting. Addy you look so cute in all your pictures and you are growing up so fast. Kindergarten is such a fun place and I know you are going to love it. I loved the pictures when your teachers were kissing your sweet face too! Congrats and we can't wait to see you soon! Love you Addy!

The Gage Cage said...

Just you wait and see. My third baby graduated from Pre-K today too. Next year I'll have a baby in kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grade. My oldest just turned nine and it hit me like a tun of bricks that he'll be 12 soon. I am trying to enjoy this time while my children still believe everything I teach them and I can still mostly protect them from themselves as well as outside influences. I believe others when they tell me it goes by to fast and it only gets busier. So far that has been my experience.

On a side note....Adelyn has really great hair and a beautiful face! What a doll!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Way to go Addy! You are such a big girl! How exciting that you are learning so many great things. When I was a young girl my favorite thing was to write little love notes to my family too. :)It's great how many good things you can do with all that you learn. We are so excited to see you soon. XOXOXO