Monday, January 28, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

President Gordon B. Hinckley

I've never typed anything on our blog before; Becca has always done it; but I couldn't resist writing some thoughts about President Hinckley. We love this great man. We will miss him so much. It's weird to think that this General Conference coming up in April will be the first conference in our lives where he will not be speaking.

The example of President Gordon B. Hinckley has had a wonderfully powerful influence on me. Reading his biography, "Go Forward With Faith," a little over a year ago was a life-changing and motivating experience for me. I am eternally thankful for President Hinckley. Because of him, I have a greater determination to move forward with faith every day that I live, no matter what challenges life may bring. Because of him, I feel a greater sense of optimism and gratitude for life. Words cannot adequately express the feelings of respect and admiration I feel for this great and humble servant of the Lord. He is truly a Prophet of God. -LeGrand

When we first told the kids that President Hinckley died, Sophie just kept saying, "He died? But me luv President Hinckley." It was so sweet, and I was grateful that I could easily reply that I loved President Hinckley too. For Family Home Evening tonight we had our lesson about the Life of President Hinckley. I'm grateful for the spirit that was in our home and the conversations that we had with the kids. I'm grateful that we have the knowledge to answer their questions and that we can tell them that we know where President Hinckley is right now.

I remember President Hinckley speaking at a Relief Society General Broadcast before Sister Hinckley died, he said something to the effect that which ever of them(him or Sister Hinckley) died first, he hoped that the other one followed shortly after. I've thought about that often especially since Sister Hinckley passed away and that he has kept getting older. When we heard the sad news, my first thought was that I was happy for him, that we will be with his Sweetheart and his Savior again. I'm going to miss him, his sense of humor, his optimism, his calming influence, the spirit of Christ that he carries with him. I am grateful that I know that the Church is going to keep growing and that we will all go on. When I remember President and Sister Hinckley I will remember that I want to be a better daughter of God, a better mother, a better wife. I know that God lives and that he speaks to Prophets on the earth today.


Kirsten said...

It is neat to read LeGrand's thoughts too. I saw a slideshow on our email from BYU. Did you guys get it? The last picture was of President Hinckley holding hands with his wife. I can picture them together now. What a great thing to be reunited with your spouse. President Hinckley will always be remembered as one of my favorite people and one of the people that encouraged me to do my best. I think I might read the book LeGrand was talking about...

Becca said...

You should, it is amazing!! You would totally enjoy it!!! It's an incredible book!!! Love Ya!!

Emily Rasmussen said...

It was good to hear form you LeGrand keep it coming!!! He really has done so much for us. Its inspiring and humbling to think about.

kelly said...

Another must read is the book of letters that their children put together. All of the letters were written by Sister Hinckley and they span a long period of time, but you really get to know her and her sense of humor through them, as well as President Hinckley. The book really made them real to me and love them both so much more!